How to Digitally Transform Your Sales Teams Effectively


While it is generally intuitive that more digitally mature companies outperform digital laggards, digital sales transformation goes beyond simply buying new technology.

We know organizations must adopt a customer-centric approach to deliver on revenue targets and consistently win in the market. But it’s also important to adjust to market demands— to simultaneously plan for the long-game and tactically execute today. This puts pressure on sales teams to collaborate, share best practices at scale, stay on-brand with messaging, and double down on the strategies with proven outcomes.

The right technology should empower you to build predictable revenue models. With greater insights, sales organizations can create standardized processes for teams to follow. Plus, with data on sales results, sales leaders can evaluate closed won opportunities and revenue to understand if and where the process is driving success.

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Dan Gottlieb, Director Analyst @ TOPO (now Gartner)

James Mensforth, Head of Global Programs @ Facebook

Rebecca Feiten, Strategic Account Executive @ Outreach