Better prospecting, better coaching

On-Demand Webinar

Prospecting activities often start with a simple call, but what happens when that call connects? If sellers can’t establish credibility, or if they hesitate – they can lose hard-won prospects in a nanosecond.

If sales leaders lack the visibility needed to spot key signals and trends – they're likely not able to spot risk until it is too late. Too often, we’ve only learned from our mistakes – after the fact. It’s time to flip that script.

Watch to learn why real-time enablement on every call is key to rep success and best practices to improve prospecting conversion rates, including how to:

  • Leverage real-time conversation intelligence on calls to guide reps with critical information - exactly when they need it
  • Automate manual tasks with real-time transcription, call notes, objection handling, and action items so your sellers can focus more on the customer
  • Gain visibility into critical call details and scale coaching across all calls to help your entire team overcome objections on the phone
  • Enable more effective selling, coaching, and better buyer experiences all in one single seller workflow – with a live demo of Kaia for Outreach Voice (which brings the benefits of conversation intelligence to prospecting calls for the first time ever!)


Liz Dailing, Director, Product Marketing @ Outreach
April Alexander, Senior Director, Product Management @ Outreach
Colin Boilini, Associate SDR Manager @ Outreach