Cutting Through the Noise: Turning Virtual Event Registrations & Content Into Pipeline

On-demand Webinar

Once Outreach officially canceled our in-person conference, we knew we needed to act fast when we pivoted to the Unleash Virtual Summit.

Sometimes it feels like a majority of the critical work for events happens before and during the event itself. But so much of the success actually comes after the event when you are following up and, hopefully, converting your leads into opportunities.

In Part 2 of a special two-part on-demand webinar series, we’re sharing our tips for:

  • Creating a post-event strategy and aligning with sales
  • Segmenting and efficiently following up with all leads
  • Converting your virtual event registrations into opportunities
  • Repurposing and disseminating session content post-event


Harmony Anderson, Director of Demand Generation @ Outreach

Kelly Justice, Senior Manager of Demand Generation @ Outreach

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