Best Practices to Transform Your Sales Team from Zoom, DoorDash, and Fortinet

On-Demand Panel Discussion Webinar

While many sales organizations recognize that buyers have modernized, they are less certain about how to evangelize new technology to adapt with this change. Simply going “tech for tech,” or adding technology in silos to meet the modern buyer has resulted in:

  • Technology stacks that are overcrowded, disjointed, and ineffective
  • Inefficient and untrained reps who don’t know how to use the technology
  • Limited or non-existent GTM processes that don’t support the new technology

During this webinar, we will help to pull you out of the whirlwind of “tech for tech” and put you back on the path to revenue success. Our panelists will be sharing best practices in aligning their own sales teams, processes and technologies.


  • Moderator: Scott Barker, Sales Evangelist @ Sales Hacker
  • Panelist: Rich Adams, Manager of Sales Tools Strategy @ Zoom
  • Panelist: Royce Marcus, Sales Strategy Manager @ DoorDash
  • Panelist: Alan Tarkowski, Vice President Of Business Development @ Fortinet