This Webinar on Cold Calling Will Put a Smile on Your Prospect's Face

On-demand Webinar

There's no debating it: Cold outreach is an effective way to prospect into accounts. But it's tough to get past the defenses weary prospects throw up the second your email lands in their inbox or their phone rings.

What's a hungry hunter to do? How do you make a good first impression that keeps your potential customer on the call when they're already irritated?

SalesDNA CEO and co-founder, Josh Braun, and Outreach Vice President of Sales, Mark Kosoglow, joined forces to help you break down those cold call walls, make great first impressions and leave your prospects grinning from ear to ear.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to diffuse pressure on the prospect by changing your intent
  • Ways to cut through cold outreach barriers and positively stand out
  • The practical and easy-to-use cold outreach framework of Open, Pitch, Encourage and Ask