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Back in the day, following up with a prospect meant using phone books and snail mail. Now we have the power of email! So much better, right?

Not exactly.

Sure, email has made it easier to communicate with prospects, but does it actually keep you more organized? How many times has an important follow up gotten buried in your inbox black hole?

We built our newest feature, Sequences for Outlook, to help guarantee no prospect will ever be left behind again. We let you directly add any prospect to a follow-up sequence right from your inbox.


Follow-up sequences ensure your prospects don’t go dark. Whether you’re scheduling a demo, sending out action items after a great call, or getting back in touch with a prospect a few months down the line, follow up sequences help you prevent a promising prospect from turning into a lost deal.

Right as you reply to an email, add them to a sequence without ever leaving your inbox. Simply select the sequence that has the most relevant message and Outreach will do the rest. The days of flagging emails, setting follow up reminders, and writing post it note to-do lists are done!

If you don’t receive a response to your initial email, Outreach sequences will continue to do the follow up work for you, sending the right follow up messages to take the next steps. You can spend more time focusing on how you’re going to crush the demo and close the deal and less time remembering next steps.

In our customers’ experience, sales reps can close deals up to 2 weeks faster and manage more prospects by using follow up sequences.

Our Outlook plug in brings the power of Outreach directly into your inbox. With follow up sequences, email email templates, and more coming soon, consider this your new inbox superpower.

Want more for your inbox? Stay tuned for new updates and reach out to support@outreach.io if you have any questions.

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