Reaching Peak Excellence: Outreach Customer Award Winners

In 2018, we celebrated our first-ever customer awards: The Nucleos.

The Nucleos recognize six outstanding Outreach customers - including FinancialForce, SurveyMonkey, and Lucidchart - who have expertly navigated challenges to help their sales, marketing, and customer success teams achieve peak excellence. We've laid out their stories and the tactics behind their success - so you can take their strategies and implement them with your own team.

Some of their stories and results include:

  • An 80% customer engagement rate
  • Sequences that have resulted in a 70% reply rate
  • A 40% increase in sales team activities by removing manual tasks
  • A 75% increase in call connects using Outreach Voice
  • Creation of a high-powered inbound lead machine that generates over 1,000 leads/month

Take advantage of their struggles and to help your team become even more successful.