Unleash Virtual Summit 'Ask the Experts' Roundtable: Sales Leadership

Q&A Session Recording

During this challenging time, it's common to be uncertain about how to best lead your company. Replay this engaging roundtable discussion to learn how four of the world's leading sales experts have helped their own businesses pivot and embrace the new reality of sales.

From setting up your sales team for success during COVID-19, to best practices for keeping conversations alive and converting prospects, these sales leaders will share their insights and approaches to solve your current issues. If you're in sales management and trying to navigate these challenging times, make sure to view this roundtable replay.

Hosted by Max Altschuler, Vice President of Marketing @ Outreach


Andrea Austin, Vice President of Sales @ Nokia Software

Ralph Barsi, Vice President of Global Inside Sales @ Tray.io

Trish Bertuzzi, Founder & CEO @ Bridge Group