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Know exactly what happens to your sales emails after you send them.

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Outreach makes it easy to be effective in simple emailing workflows with your customers and prospective customers.

Account-Based Sales

Outreach enables your team to penetrate accounts effectively through multi-persona workflows.


Outreach Voice: Empower your team with a dialer that makes them more efficient.

Sales Email Tracking

Speed Up Your Emailing With Inbox Upgrades That Make You More Effective

Outreach makes it easy to be effective in simple emailing workflows with your customers and prospective customers.

Gmail  Exchange

Access all your email templates from your Gmail inbox for faster communication with your accounts and personas.

Open & Click Tracking
See what happens after you hit send and use that information to execute a smart strategy around follow-ups.

Post To Salesforce
Ensure all the activities are posted to Salesforce on the Lead, Contact, Account, and even the Opportunity.

Salesforce Upgraded

Salesforce Is Faster With Outreach Account-Based Sales Sidebar

Communicate quickly without leaving Salesforce. Outreach brings communication power to you - in all of your flows.


Email Without Leaving
The communication sidebar allows you to email your contacts and leads from any page without leaving Salesforce.

Email With Context
By not leaving Salesforce users can leverage the context from the Lead or Contact to write the most personalized messages.

Gmail & Exchange
Outreach brings your own inbox to Salesforce by integrating into your email server, just like your mobile phone does.

Email Features

Leverage the industry's most robust email communication suite - wherever you are

Smooth email workflow requires a robust platform that can handle any scenario, and Outreach is up for the job.

Leverage your own templates, or a colleague's, to communicate quickly and effectively.

Attach documents to any email or sequence, and even add inline images within the body of your messages of emails.

Post to Salesforce
Outreach ensures that every email sent and received can be automatically posted to the right records within Salesforce.

Open, Click Tracking
Keep track of what happens after you hit send by enabling open and click tracking, and scanning your activity feed.

Scheduled Send
Have your messages delivered whenever you want by choosing any date and time you choose.

Track Message Sentiment
Track which messages you receive back are positive or negative so you can see which templates get you the best responses.


Incredible organizations trust Outreach as their sales communication platform

"Outreach saves us time so we can contact more leads faster, increasing our conversion rate."

joyce juntunen

vp of sales, bizible

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