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Video Transcription:

Hey! Jordan here from Outreach.

Our mission is to power sales success. Sales Teams use Outreach to secure more meetings with prospects, increase sales opportunities, and ultimately achieve revenue goals.  

Today, I’m going to give you a brief look at how Sales Teams use our system of action to do their best work. I’ll show you how systematic outreach and follow-up frees Sales Reps to focus on holding more engaging conversations with prospects! Plus how Outreach provides them with the sales intelligence they need about prospects to understand the best ways to engage. I’ll also show you how we give management levers to tailor our platform to their sales process and give visibility and insights to understand and improve their sales performance.

Let’s take a look.

To start, Sales Reps use Outreach to identify and organize their prospects and leads. Often organizations store much of their data in Salesforce and Outreach integrates directly to pull this information in. Our integration with Salesforce is a true bi-directional sync. If action is taken in Outreach, Salesforce knows. If a change is made in Salesforce, Outreach ensures all data is up-to-date and pristine. Over time, as sales reps continue to prospect new leads, Outreach will add additional leads OR update existing information. 

The Outreach Everywhere Chrome Extension allows Sales Reps to do this work directly from LinkedIn. Use Outreach Everywhere to add or modify leads you’ve identified, AND have the power of the Outreach platform for immediate engagement anywhere you go.  

With all the relevant prospects now in Outreach, a sales rep can organize based on Accounts or Prospects, depending on their sales process.

Once all relevant contacts and accounts are in the system, Outreach is the place where reps engage prospects to accelerate them through the buyer’s journey.

Sales Sequences are core to the success of engaging prospects with Outreach. A sequence is a series of touchpoints or activities that maps to your sales process and ensures the right engagement with a prospect occurs, whether that’s manually by the sale rep or automatically from the system. As Prospects are added to sequences, the system ensures these touchpoint occurs by properly delegating tasks to sales reps. No longer will reps forget to follow-up, Outreach does it on their behalf.

The 360 Dashboard gives a complete overview to guide their daily workflow and ensure these tasks are completed. Reps can focus on tasks ordered by engagement or priority AND then kickoff their automated task workflow to start their day. The system then guides sales reps through tasks, ensuring what they work on is most likely to drive results.

As replies come in and meetings are booked, Prospect Intelligence provides context on the people and organizations they engage, giving your sales team relevant information for targeted communication.

Although much of what a sales rep needs to do happens within Outreach. Reps often need to live in their Inbox. That’s why we’ve invested in inbox integrations. You’re looking at the experience in Gmail. Sales reps use templates or snippets to quickly reach out OR respond to prospects, add prospects to sequences, set a reminder to take action at a later date, or schedule emails for postponed delivery. While your reps are working, Outreach is syncing activity into Outreach and Salesforce so reps don’t have to.

So far we’ve shown you the workflow of a sales rep in Outreach. In addition to helping them do their job, we provide reps, managers, and leadership with the Reporting & Analytics to drive success. Sales reps can see how well they’re performing, whether they’re looking at the number of opens, replies, or number of emails delivered and calls answered OR overall at trending towards their goals. It’s all available to them within the platform. 

Managers can view dashboards by individual sales rep, teams, or specific roles to review performance and identify coaching opportunities. Sales Leadership can dig even further into engagement data to understand what sales playbooks and tactics are working, what isn’t, and make modifications to ensure your company is on the right track.

Finally, Outreach is an enterprise-grade platform, from scalability to user governance to data security, Outreach meets the needs of companies of all sizes. Our goal is to give management the levers and settings to tailor our platform to their sales process. Outreach admins can customize the integration with their CRM to seamlessly ensure adherence to their sales process.

User Governance allows admins to manage teams, roles, and set-up org-wide settings as well as create permissions based on profiles to determine what actions can be taken by different roles. Of course, all data stored within our system meets the highest security standards.

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