Account-Based Sales (ABS) 101: Understanding and Planning Your ABS Strategy

On-Demand Webinar

For decades, marketing and sales teams have used high-volume tactics to drive revenue. But the spray and pray, dialing for dollars, boiler room approach only gets a business so far. This high calorie burning approach works for an initial launch, but it’s not sustainable for long-term success. Volume-selling comes with a higher cost of sales, lower margins, and limited expansion opportunities. This is widely understood and is the catalyst for why Account-Based Marketing and Sales are the hottest topics in the industry today.

Even though ABS has become widely adopted, many sales leaders still don’t understand the foundation of Account-Based Sales and how it differs from traditional sales. Isn’t all B2B sales account-based sales? Is ABS a buzzword or a strategy I should continue to refine? ABS has become an ambiguous term, but that doesn’t take away from the major impact it has had on modern B2B sales organizations.

In this special three-part webinar series, we’re breaking down all the critical components of an Account-Based Sales strategy to give you all the key parts you’ll need to successfully build, implement and measure a proper strategy.

In Part 1: Understanding and Planning Your ABS Strategy, you’ll learn:

  • The components of an Account-Based sales program and how an ABS intersects with an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy
  • How ABS is helping B2B companies tighten their pipeline creation efforts
  • The foundational tech stack you need to operationalize account-based sales


Katelyn Martin, Sr. Manager of CRM Strategy at Jellyvision

Jeremy von Halle, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Jellyvision

Alex Kremer, Sales Manager at Outreach

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Part 2: Account-Based Sales (ABS) 201: Implementing Your ABS Strategy

Part 3: Account-Based Sales (ABS) 301: Measuring and Optimizing Your ABS Strategy