How to Coach your Sales Reps to Nail the Cold Call

On-Demand Webinar

Josh Braun, CEO of SalesDNA shares the coaching he trains his clients to use with their sales team around how to overcome sales objections on the phone. Despite the “Cold Calling is Dead!” argument, SDRs at Outreach still book 70% of their meetings over the phone. Frontline sales reps today must learn to overcome the fear of cold calling in order to be successful.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to coach your frontline sales reps on how to overcome objections on the phone
  • Best practices to book meetings over the phone
  • How to integrate sales calls into a multi-channel outbound approach


Josh Braun, CEO of SalesDNA

Grant Barnes, Director of Business Development at Dialpad

Brooke Bachesta, Manager of Sales Development at Outreach