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Learn how Outreach can help your sales team prospect more efficiently, start more conversations, and book more meetings

Prospecting is one of the hardest jobs out there-- we get it! Think about how many calls, emails, LinkedIn requests, carrier pigeons and other crazy feats it takes to get just one prospect to respond. For every account, there’s hours upon hours of manual grunt work, data entry, and next steps to keep straight. Multiply these factors by all of your reps and the hundred of prospects in each reps lists and you’ve got a real productivity problem, right?

Imagine a world where it’s simple and efficient to consistently get prospects to engage with you, where tedious data entry and repetitive tasks are automated, and critical next steps are never forgotten. That’s life with Outreach.

Outreach gives your Sales Development team prospecting superpowers. Today we help tens of thousands of sales reps prospect more efficiently, start more conversations, and book more meetings.

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Let’s look at Sam, one of our best sales reps here at Outreach, as an example.

Before she started using Outreach, work was chaotic, to say the least.

She’d start her day trying to figure out what to do first, maybe spending a few hours doing research to manually take notes about each prospect and account.

Then, she’d contact the prospects that seem qualified, copying and pasting emails from her sent folder. On a good day, she can get 20 of these emails out the door.

Next she’d make her calls, dialing from her desk phone and attempting to log it all back to her CRM, but let’s be real, she didn’t always suffer through the painful data entry.

When she finally got a reply, she’d track it in a spreadsheet because she didn’t trust her CRM, but inevitably she missed some quality opportunities. With so many emails coming in and out every day, how could you not miss a few?

But then she got Outreach and saw the light. Now Sam can do triple the work in half the time, all while booking more meetings, catching higher quality prospects, and without ever confusing Jim at Acme for John at Hooli.

Every day, when she gets into work, Outreach already has Sam’s list of tasks ready for her to tackle. She can see her whole to do list for the day and prioritize how to complete each task, either taking time to do blocks of calls or emails at once, or sorting and filtering by urgency.

When she’s ready to start prospecting, Sam adds her contacts to a tailored sequence and can immediately start connecting with dozens or even hundreds of accounts at once.

Sequences lead Sam through every step of the hunting process-- they automatically keep track of her calls, emails, texts, social engagement and other tasks so no item on her to-do list falls through the cracks. When it's time for the next communication, Outreach can automatically fire off pre-written emails, prompt a personalized email, or remind her to complete a task, like making a call or connecting on LinkedIn.

Outreach thinks about the next move for Sam so she can focus on what she does best -- selling -- without getting lost in the chaos of all of her calls, emails, and tasks!

As she prospects, Outreach gives her any information she needs right at her fingertips. Whenever she makes a call, she can research the account in seconds with intelligence tiles, so she is always up to speed on the account before she gets on the phone without spending hours googling every company.

Once Sam gets a prospect on the phone and ready for a discovery call, Outreach guides her through the next steps… either getting a meeting booked in one click, or even handing off a call in real-time.

And every email sent, call made, and meeting booked is recorded back to her CRM, the most reliable bidirectional sync in the industry so managers never have to worry about missing data… because you hired sales reps, not data admins!

Not only does Outreach take the guesswork out of prospecting and guide your reps through the right activities for every account they’re working, it helps sales reps follow your tried and tested playbook in a repeatable and scalable way so they can prospect smarter, build more pipeline, and book more meetings.

Teams like Sam’s are already tripling activities, booking more meetings, and eliminating hours of manual grunt work every day.

So, what superpowers will Outreach give your team?

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