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How Outreach helps Account Executives and Full-Cycle Reps work pipeline and close deals faster

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Closing deals is one of the most critical jobs in building and growing a business. But between tracking down buyers that don’t show up to your meetings, keeping track of all your next steps for the dozens of deals you manage, and manually logging your data in your CRM… there’s hardly time left to actually sell! And all the while, missed follow ups and poor visibility are sabotaging your quest to crush quota.

Imagine a world where follow ups always happen, you never have to manually log data to your CRM, and no deal ever falls through the cracks.

That’s life with Outreach.

Outreach is the triple shot latte of productivity that every closer needs to get more deals over the line, faster. Whether you’re working in your CRM, your inbox, or right from Outreach, our Sales Engagement Platform works where you do to keep you on your A-game. Outreach automates your data entry, books your meetings, remembers your tasks, and does your follow up, so you can do what you were hired to do -- have great conversations with customers and close more deals!

Let’s look at a day in the life of one of our best AEs, Mark, to see how it works.

Before using Outreach, Mark would start his day taking a look at the day’s meetings, and start prepping some notes by pulling up email threads, digging through his CRM, and a little old fashioned Googling.

Then he’d look at the spreadsheet where he tracks the status of his open opportunities, and see who needs a follow up. He’d go to his sent folder and copy a previous email to send to all the accounts that have gone cold. Logging these to his CRM would be ideal but he's way too busy.

Next it’s time for his first meeting - but the prospect didn’t show up. Bummer! He’d give them a call, leave a voicemail, and make a note to follow up later.

He’d wrap up the day by replying to emails and shooting off a few texts to some of his later stage deals. But it’s tough to keep track of everything. It’s inevitable he’ll miss out on some quality prospects purely from missing a key next step, but that happens to all salespeople right?


Once Mark got Outreach, life was never the same. He never missed a follow up, let a deal fall through the cracks, or wasted valuable selling time on data entry. Outreach is his ultimate personal assistant that automates his grunt work and ensures he never drops the ball.

Now Mark can hit the ground running first thing in the morning by checking his Outreach sidebar to see what next steps he needs to complete for the deals in the pipeline.

Then, he heads to his inbox to answer the emails he received before he got into the office and follow up on the conversations he had earlier in the week. As he replies, he schedules follow up reminders or add prospects to a follow-up sequence. Even if he doesn’t get a reply to this note, he knows the deal won’t go cold because Outreach will remind him.

A reply comes in and the prospect wants to meet! Mark sends his available times over email, and his prospect instantly booked the time that worked best for her. Outreach also detected that the prospect’s signature had a new phone number, so Mark updated her record.

Mark heads off to a meeting where, despite having an automatic meeting reminder sent this morning, the prospect doesn’t show up. Not ideal, but no biggie. Mark marks him as a no show in Outreach, which automatically triggers a follow up sequence to reschedule the meeting and logs the no show in his CRM.

Mark takes a few minutes to prep for his weekly 1:1 with his manager Brooke, by checking the status of his open opportunities. He checks out which are engaged, and then looks at which accounts aren’t looking healthy so he and Brooke can strategize together. He also looks at his deals closing soon so he can share his progress against his commits.

When Mark wants to work in his CRM, Outreach Everywhere is the perfect companion to amp up his productivity. Outreach Everywhere let’s him make calls, schedule meetings and set follow up tasks, 10x faster than working in his CRM alone, which gives him time to supplement his pipeline by prospecting.

Having sequences in his arsenal makes prospecting a breeze for Mark. He can set it and forget it, and let Outreach do the prospecting leg work for him. Once a prospect replies to a sequence, Mark can step in and focus on having a winning conversation.

Outreach is the ultimate productivity solution for account executives, powering closers to get any deal over the line as efficiently and effectively as possible. We automate follow ups, data entry, and task reminders, an we already empower thousands of AEs to spend more time selling and less time and brain power not selling.

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