The Essential Guide to Social (Distance) Selling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social networking platform for business professionals and is a great way to continue connecting with folks before a meeting or after an in-person event. But when in-person networking isn’t an option—during a global pandemic, for example—leveraging LinkedIn for sales, or “social selling,” is the next best thing.

Establishing and maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn is one of the quickest ways to extend the value of your social strategies and establish a relationship with buyers when you don’t have the option to meet them.

In this Essential Guide to Social Selling On LinkedIn, we will help you begin to build your brand, establish your voice, and drive business and opportunity for yourself and your team. We will cover:

  • COVID-19 Impact on LinkedIn Trends
  • The need for both buyers and sellers to have a LinkedIn presence
  • Optimizing your profile and posting strategy

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