Outreach Kaia Beta Program

Outreach Kaia is a real-time knowledge AI assistant that helps close deals faster by making each sales rep more effective and every customer conversation more productive.

  • Sell smarter. View the right enablement content at the right time during a live meeting and answer any question your customer has.
  • Make every conversation count. Outreach Kaia automates tasks before, during and after a live meeting so you can always focus on selling.
  • Execute the perfect follow up. Capture key moments of a meeting so nothing falls through the cracks.

Fill out the form to apply to be in the Beta starting this summer!*

*This is a limited private Beta. You must be an Outreach customer within the US to apply for Beta participation. Preference will be given to members of the Peak Customer Community. Outreach will contact selected customers for Beta participation which is expected to start in Summer.*