How to Influence Buyers Who Think They Don't Need You

On-demand Webinar

In 1987, if you were a buyer, you learned about stuff in three ways: 1. You read direct mail, 2. You went to trade shows, or 3. You talked to a sales rep. There was still a really strong relationship between the buyer and the seller, because the buyer and seller needed each other...right?

But as technology found its way into the selling process, the buyer could just go online and learn. The buyer became better at buying before sellers became better at selling, and the sellers struggled to provide value and re-introduce themselves into the process, therefore thwarting the cultivation of strong buyer relationships and dulling the need for strong cultures of operational excellence.

Despite changing technological environments, building a winning mindset within your organization is not only critical to the success of your business, but also to the health of your employees. Please join Matt Millen, Sr. Vice President of Revenue Operations at Outreach, along with Max Altschuler, CEO of Sales Hacker, as they discuss how to consistently create top performing sales teams.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How the right sales technology can help you re-emerge in your buyer’s decision making process and help you close deals faster
  • How recognizing the human behind the number salespeople carry helps your team win more often
  • Why cultivating respect and empathy across your team will naturally develop a winning mindset