Machine Learning Webinar: Amplify the Art of Sales with the Science of Machine Learning

On-demand Webinar

Machine learning is the hottest buzzword of the year, but what does it even mean, and how will it impact your sales team?

Watch this on-demand machine learning webinar to learn:

  • How machine learning will revolutionize sales and drive a new level of actionable insights.
  • Why machine learning will not replace the “person” in salesperson, and why transparent data matters.
  • How machine learning will bring a new paradigm of measuring success for sales development teams—your KPIs won’t look the same 18 months from now!
  • Real insights from our own machine learning analyses, with learnings that you can apply in your own sales team today.


  • Kamal Suffoletta, Global Head of Sales Development, Glassdoor
  • Manny Medina, CEO and Co-Founder, Outreach