Machine Learning Webinar: Amplify the Art of Sales with the Science of Machine Learning

Machine learning is the hottest buzzword of the year, but what does it even mean, and how will it impact your sales team?

Watch this on-demand machine learning webinar to learn:

  • How machine learning will revolutionize sales and drive a new level of actionable insights.
  • Why machine learning will not replace the “person” in salesperson, and why transparent data matters.
  • How machine learning will bring a new paradigm of measuring success for sales development teams—your KPIs won’t look the same 18 months from now!
  • Real insights from our own machine learning analyses, with learnings that you can apply in your own sales team today.


  • Kamal Suffoletta, Global Head of Sales Development, Glassdoor
  • Manny Medina, CEO and Co-Founder, Outreach