How To Get The Most Out Of Your Growing SDR Team

As organizations scale their sales development efforts, systematic on-boarding and ensuring your reps are consistently reaching peak performance becomes more difficult. Hear from 4 sales development experts in a panel discussion on how to get your SDRs on-boarded and ramped-up quickly and efficiently.

In this 60-minute on-demand panel discussion, you'll learn:

  • What world-class SDR teams have in common
  • How to get your SDRs on-boarded quickly to close the knowledge gap faster
  • How to keep your sales development team delivering consistent results
  • Common on-boarding mistakes you may be making with your SDRs
  • Tips for systematically evaluating your SDR's performance


Screen-Shot-2017-12-01-at-3.16.27-PM.png#asset:5704Vaughn Aust, EVP Product & Marketing at MarketStar
Vaughn is the EVP of Integrated Solutions for MarketStar in Ogden, Utah. He is responsible for building digital, technology, analytic and marketing solutions that strengthen, enhance, and grow MarketStar’s core Sales as a Service business. Formerly VP of Client Solutions at Hawkeye in Seattle, Vaughn holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Washington. Vaughn is an avid fly fisherman and loves all things outdoors including backpacking, hiking, hunting and camping. Vaughn, along with his wife Tammie, have four kids (ages 6, 7,12, and 14) and are active foster parents.
Screen-Shot-2017-12-01-at-3.57.18-PM.png#asset:5712Misha McPherson, CEO at HumbleGritSales
Misha is the CEO of HumbleSalesGrit. Her joy and skill is in fixing problems for sales teams. From fine tuning the hiring process to building robust onboarding and ongoing learning programs, from certification to coaching.
Nathan Broome, Sales Development Manager at Outreach
Nathan Broome, Sales Development Manager for Outreach, the sales engagement platform that delivers performance and insights that result in higher velocity and more efficient selling. A true hands on coach that ascribes to the "Extreme Ownership" brand of leadership, Nathan is passionate about building high performance teams and helping his team members reach their career goals.
Brian Fravel, VP of Marketing at Veelo

Brian has over 20-years experience in building and leading product marketing, brand marketing and demand generation marketing teams at global companies. He currently oversees all aspects of marketing for Veelo, a leading sales enablement platform focused on improving sales rep performance. Prior to Veelo, Brian held a variety of senior positions at Intel running brand strategy, product marketing and all of North America marketing.