GDPR for Sales Managers: How Outreach Enables You for Success

Let’s face facts: We are currently living in the GDPR era and the new, rigorous guidelines may impact the way you conduct business in the European Union (EU).

You may be wondering if the EU’s regulations apply to you. You may even be a little aloof, apprehensive, or apathetic when GDPR comes up in sales or marketing conversations. Fret not — Outreach is committed to providing our customers - current and future - with all the support they need to ensure their usage of our platform is lawful, and that they operate their business in a compliant manner.

In this guide, you'll learn answers to common GDPR questions, including:

  • Can I still cold email/call prospects in the European Union?
  • Can we still buy lists of contacts in the EU?
  • A prospect just made a data subject request. Now what?
  • How can Outreach help my team remain compliant?