The 4th Innovation of Sales: A New Frontier of B2B Selling

How are sales organizations evolving?

Guest Speaker: John Bruno, Analyst at Forrester Research

The 4th Innovation in Sales: For far too long, companies have been answering their business challenges with cookie-cutter systems and processes. You're playing it safe. You can't any longer. Customers are telling you with their feet and their wallets that they demand better. With B2B buyer needs at an all-time high, now is the time to focus on seller empowerment and to kick your sales engagement strategy into high gear. Join this session to hear how unleashing your sales team from the shackles of CRM can improve customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

  • Sales organizations are evolving to meet buyer needs
  • Inefficient processes and tools make it harder for sellers to focus on selling
  • A new category of Sales Engagement Platforms can help