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Our product team has been hard at work making next year easier on revenue teams — who despite the tough year — are still asked to sell in an uncertain and delicate environment.

Customers buy on emotion and justify with logic. Neuroscience has proven this. According to a recent Harvard study, 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious. We are excited to introduce an innovative new way to help you measure and respond in realtime to the emotive signals from your customers, enabling you to pivot your playbooks and messaging to drive more deals, faster in the new remote economy (& beyond).

We are also launching new opportunity management tools to help closers better inspect and action their deals, and new RevOps & Admin tools to save Outreach admins 20+ hours/month.

Traditional selling methods just won’t cut it in this environment. It’s time to reinvent how you measure your sales efforts to help you execute actions that matter.

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