Amy Slater on Driving Peak Performance by Leveraging a Positive Mindset


Amy Slater: My name is Amy Slater, and I'm Vice-President of inside sales for Palo Alto Networks. I've spent over 25 years in sales and sales leadership positions at companies like Cisco, AT&T,, and several others.

Something I'm very proud of is the fact that I had very low attrition over the time that I was at those companies. Out of the 25 years, I've probably only had two people that voluntarily left the business. The thing that I find really critical in anything that we do in our lives, selling or not selling, it's all about being positive. People that think in a very positive way, and they think about the art of the impossible, those are the people that are going to excel in their careers.

A lot of salespeople beat themselves up instead of taking a step back and saying, well, how can I do my job differently? And I think even the way that then they interact with their customers, it changes. If you pressure salespeople so much about the number, they start selling in a very unnatural way, and customers can sniff that out. Numbers matter, that's how you get funding. That's how, you know, boards see companies. So it is about the numbers. But if you don't take the time to understand what's beyond the numbers, we might be doing ourselves a disservice, and we might not be selling as much as we possibly can. Even if you're at 100%, can you go to 150%?

I came into my one-on-one with this pretty young, early in career sales rep. It was about eight months into the fiscal year, we had four months left. So I said, so, where do you think you're gonna end the year? And he said, I think 100%. I'll be at 100%. I said, that's great. I said, you're already at 90%, and you still have four months to go. And he said, okay, I think I can do 125%. So I said, great. He ended up at 150% that year. And I think he was, I think he was blown away himself. Had I not called it out, would he maybe have just gone to 100%? He probably would've hit 125%, but he might not have hit 150.

So it's shifting your mindset to not even just accept 100%. Really driving that mindset to go beyond your wildest dreams. I'll also be talking more about this in May at Unleash 2018, where I will be talking about how to drive peak performance by leveraging a positive mindset. I look forward to seeing you there.