Improve email deliverability and email open rates with Branded URLs

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We’re excited to launch branded URLs to give you more customizable emailing options within Outreach, and to bring your email to the forefront of every inbox by improving deliverability. With Branded URLs you can now choose a personalized vanity domain for email links so sales emails you send are white labeled with your brand.

When you hover over the URL in an email, you see your own domain instead of one of ours. Why? Because we want to give you more control over how your emails look.

Branded URLs work for any email link and include all of the features you love about emailing in Outreach:

  • Open tracking
  • Click tracking
  • And unsubscribe links

When you send an email with a link that ties to your company domain, it feels more like the email came right from your inbox, written with care, than from an automated list. Our goal is to help you scale up the amount of emails you’re sending while still keeping it custom and personal. You’re not a robot, so your sales software shouldn’t make you look like one.

And when you use your own URL, your email is less likely to be flagged by spam filters because you are in control of your domain reputation. You spend a lot of time crafting the perfect email sequences, so why not do everything within your power to keep it looking prevent it from blocked by a spam filter?

We’re excited for you to reach every prospect on a more personal level with the improved white-labeled experience Branded URLs bring to Outreach.

For more information about Branded URLs, contact support at with any questions.

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