Adapting Outreach and Managing Content in a COVID-19 World: a Q&A

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The world has shifted with the emergence of COVID-19, and like every other industry, the sales world has had to adapt. We went from in-office teams to remote teams who are adjusting to an entirely new equation of work-life balance, and the fact is, so are your prospects and customers. With businesses and schools closed, sales orgs need to find the balance between the need to drive pipeline with acknowledging this moment.

You’ve read the blog post, now ask your questions. Brooke Simmons, Director of Enterprise Strategy at Outreach, answered your questions on how sales organization can easily--and empathetically--update your strategy and content.


Brooke Simmons, Director of Enterprise Strategy @ Outreach

Max Altschuler, Vice President of Marketing @ Outreach

Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships @ Sales Hacker