5 Reasons Your Account-Based Sales Strategy Isn’t Working (and How to Change it)

Your account-based sales strategy took months of planning and weeks to rollout—so why hasn’t that whale of a deal come in yet? Account-based selling is expensive and you can’t afford to go back to the drawing board if it’s not driving intended results.

Hear from 3 Account-Based selling experts to learn 5 ABS health metrics you should be monitoring to keep a pulse on the success of your sales strategy.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The crucial components you need to execute a successful ABS strategy
  • 5 metrics you should be measuring now to ensure a successful rollout
  • How to improve upon your existing ABS strategy


Peter Chun, Vice President of Sales at Lucidchart

Lee Hacohen, RVP of Commercial Sales at Outreach

Stephen Farnsworth, Strategic Programs Manager at Outreach