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Outreach is changing the game for the telecommunications industry

"Outreach allows us to create a hunting culture. It builds it into the workflow. It builds muscle memory, it becomes part of the daily discipline."

Jerry Emmert

Area Vice President, CenturyLink

Salespeople have a big problem

Salespeople in the telecommunication industry have a big problem. It takes over 8 touches for a response and an average sales rep only makes 2 customer touches.

How Does Your Sales Team Communicate To The Market?

Coordinating your marketing messages across 2,000 sellers is no small feat. Outreach made it a piece of cake for CenturyLink.

The following use case with CenturyLink shows just how effective Outreach is to drive a sustainable hunter culture for salespeople through technology which has resulted in something remarkable.

"Most importantly, Outreach satisfies our pipeline needs so we can reach quota. It helps getting us to our plan."

Jerry Emmert

Area Vice President, CenturyLink

The results have been incredible

Upon deployment of Outreach, CenturyLink saw an significant increase in selling activities, accounts, and active opportunities which continues to trend well into 2017.

Talk about a transformation!

Out of a global sales force of over 2,000 sellers across 12 regions, this particular region adopted Outreach first and showed all of CenturyLink just how powerful Outreach can be. Outreach helped CenturyLink redefine their sales motion. Through gamification and a new hunter culture, Outreach has helped transform how CenturyLink wins business.

"I get new reps into productivity quicker by plugging them into Outreach."

Jerry Emmert

Area Vice President, CenturyLink

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