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Virool sees drastic improvement in performance after switching to Outreach

Teams Using Outreach

Sales Development

SDRs each have about two additional hours per day due to Outreach efficiencies

Activities increased 3x within the first 6 months, 3.5x the number of qualified meetings

Personalization leads to industry-high open rates, reply rates, and meeting-set rates


The Challenge

A native video advertising company, Virool creates powerful content and places it where it can connect with customers' target audience. The company's sales team was dependent upon a tool that required them to manually create, update and track its outbound emails. SDRs were updating email preferences, unsubscribing prospects and monitoring A/B testing in spreadsheets due to limitations in their existing tool.

"Our prior system was one-dimensional. It really slowed things down," said Scott Wong, Head of Sales Development for Virool. "The thinking behind Outreach is more advanced than other sales platforms."

Implementing Outreach

Now that Virool has Outreach, they are seeing a vast difference in performance. Everyone works smarter knowing sales emails and follow-ups are handled. Outreach's safeguards eliminate the chance for duplicates or spamming potential prospects. Integration with Salesforce automatically updates statuses so SDRs know exactly what's happening with a prospect.

And the level of personalization shifts the work from being one-off manual emails to sending more efficiently at scale. "With one email, with one mail merge, we can communicate to many people in a way that to them feels as if it's one-to-one communication," says Sahil Mansuri, Global Head of Brand Sales.

Instead of deduping or manually unsubscribing prospects or worrying that the system hasn't synced with their CRM, SDRs can build new sequences and messaging to test. And Virool is enjoying being able to manage it all from a single fluid system that all its SDRs can easily access and use.

"Our whole sales development team uses Outreach to automate all outbound and follow-up activities. We love being able to customize templates. Testing and making adjustments is easy. We're able to make decisions based on fact, not guessing."

Scott Wong

Head of Sales Development

The Results

Virool's SDRs now each have about two additional hours per day to spend working on tasks that they know have a greater impact than the administrative work they were doing to maintain their old system.

Within the first six months of implementing Outreach, Virool saw the number of activities increase threefold, resulting in 3.5 times the number of qualified meetings.

"Outreach might be one of the most irreplaceable tools within our sales process," said Mansuri. "Without Outreach, our reps would be inefficient, and we wouldn't have the personalization that's leading to industry-high open rates, industry-high reply rates, industry-high meeting-set rates, and slow sales efforts."