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Snowflake Tracks SDR Pipeline Generation With Outreach

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Unified global teams with consistent messaging

Improved reply rates

Increased visibility into SDR-influenced pipeline

Personalized communication with customers

Unifying Global Teams with Consistent Messaging

Snowflake is a cloud-built data storage and analytics service that is currently disrupting the data warehouse market. With approximately 70 SDRs across the globe focusing on both inbound and outbound prospecting, they needed a platform that could scale with their global reach by providing data on which SDR activities were generating pipeline to predictably build revenue. Since implementing Outreach, Snowflake has been able to identify areas that they can automate as they double their team and learn to personalize at scale. “Now we’re able to drill into Outreach’s metrics to figure out what parts of the Sequence or strategy is converting at the highest rate, and can make quick adjustments or do A/B testing,” says Nicolette Mullenix, Head of Global Sales Development for Snowflake. With Outreach, Snowflake can track pipeline attribution and use machine learning to increase their opportunities and specifically highlight the SDR efforts to the business’ growth.

Visibility into SDR Influence on Pipeline and Revenue

Snowflake previously struggled with getting the right metrics to build an efficient playbook and infusing the entire sales process with consistent messaging. Now, Mullenix says that she is able to “reverse-engineer" the SDRs team’s influence on revenue and pipeline, and use Outreach to track which engagements are the most effective. “Every day I’m trying to figure out what actually makes a deal. How many people do you need to reach out to, how many touches does it take to get a meeting, what are all the activities that it takes to get to a stage one pipeline, and also to close business,” says Mullenix. The platform gives revenue-facing teams the ability to trust the data and identify the company’s own recipe for success with inside sales.

"Outreach is the pillar of how we’re able to scale. It is the lifeblood of how the SDR team operates every day."

Nicolette Mullenix

Head of Global Sales Development

Since adopting Outreach, Snowflake has seen improvements in their reply rates by pinpointing the specific parts of Sequences that need adjusting. “Being able to drill into Outreach's metrics is so much easier for us to really figure out what part of the Sequences are converting at the highest rate and we can make adjustments very quickly.”

“We’re using Outreach every day to examine the messaging that people are sending. Are they sending it to the right people? How are they converting over different types of touches? It is the place we go to make sure our team is efficient and figuring out what parts of their process we can optimize or automate.”

As they begin to scale the team enterprise-wide, Outreach allows them real-time visibility into what manual practices they can automate moving forward.

Consistent Messaging for a Unified GTM Process

In addition to a more clear story on pipeline generation, the company is also able to unify and “lock down” their messaging by identifying which content is resonating with their customers and unify their GTM strategies to a unifying branding strategy. We are pitching our product and educating through Outreach touches from emails, calls, to social. The platform makes it easier to tell our story over an extended period of time, and differentiate ourselves through a series of touches that are compelling.”

The Future is Data

Snowflake is continuing to build on their momentum with Outreach, and Mullenix says that they are excited to continue leveraging the platform’s machine learning capabilities.

Outreach helps us figure out our recipe for success. The more that machine learning and data can help us understand what ‘x’ inputs can lead us to ‘y’ outputs, and the closer we can get to that, the more my team can be more efficient and more productive.”

Looking to the future, Mullenix says they are going to expand Outreach across their organization to create repeatable processes and confidently forecast opportunities.

“We’re looking at everything from pipeline creation to managing the entire sales process with consistent messaging, the handoff post-sale, and managing our customers on the-post sale side. We’re letting the platform automating things in the background to take the manual pieces out to create something that's repeatable and scalable so we can predictably build revenue.”