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A search for flexibility

As a sales enablement system that allows reps to access, share and present sales and marketing materials from a single, easy-to-use platform, Showpad has a unique and knowledgeable perspective on what a sales platform can and should be. When Jason Westerberg joined the team at Showpad last year as their new Business Operations Manager, they were already in the midst of searching for a replacement for their current sales engagement platform — one with which they were less than satisfied for a number of reasons. “When I came in, the team was using a provider that they weren’t happy with,” Westerberg remembered. “My first large project was to run a managed trial and evaluate if it made sense to switch to Outreach.” The feedback he received from his team convinced him that they needed a platform that had the robust features and flexibility they needed — and were promised — as well as a high level of customer service to go with it.

Outreach’s advanced configuration and bi-directional sync made it very simple to configure.”

Not all sales engagement platforms are created equal

Ease of use, a lack of desired features and lackluster customer support were all factors that led Showpad to seek a replacement for a previous provider. The first product they tested was the one they chose to adopt: Outreach.

The first difference Westerberg’s team noticed was the customer service. “The managed trial process and support we’ve had to date has been amazing. We experienced a few bugs, primarily because of complex internal setup, but the Customer Success Team has always jumped on them quickly and offered a fix.” Their experience with speed and features was also night and day.

“According to my team, the speed that Outreach delivers product has outpaced their experience provider by miles,” Westerberg said. “We have a very customized Salesforce instance because it integrates with both NetSuite and our Showpad product, so there’s a lot of specific processes that have to be followed to ensure that we’re tracking everything correctly. Outreach’s advanced configuration and bi-directional sync made it very simple to configure. At the time our previous provider didn’t have A/B testing; Outreach did. That was something we wanted to dive into. Our previous provider was also sunsetting a prospecting feature that we used heavily; but Outreach Everywhere allows us to prospect in LinkedIn and elsewhere. The workflows Outreach offers is what we were looking for. The flexibility of the platform was also better configured from a strategic position — much clearer and easier to format than the previous provider."

Ease-of-use shines when onboarding

This brings us to ease-of-use. The initial integration, deployment, training and launch was fast and seamless thanks to the easy UX and UI, Westerberg explained, “We were able to get Outreach up and running very quickly because the managed trial process went so smoothly. Once we signed the deal, we went through a broader user training, and then we were live within a week.”

That intuitive ease-of-use continues to roll smoothly for new hire onboarding, getting them up, running and integrated into the internal processes in a matter of minutes. That means SDRs can walk in the door, and start chasing leads instead of IT support in the blink of an eye. Once that easy onboarding is complete, every SDR can get to work doing what they do best with the knowledge they have a solid foundation of proven processes and sequences designed to maximize their efforts. It’s a focused effort that Westerberg and team has rolled out on a global level. “Our entire SDR team in both the U.S. and Europe uses Outreach,” Westerberg continued, “as well as some members of our marketing team and a few AEs. We’ve spent a lot of time building out the main sequences that our SDRs use on an ongoing basis, from both an inbound SDR perspective and an outbound perspective. We’ve made a strong effort to make sure their messaging is consistent across their teams."

"In sales nowadays, you need to have a platform like Outreach to be successful."

Jason Westerberg

Business Operations Manager

Outreach becomes essential

One year in, Westerberg can't imagine where their teams would be without Outreach, “At this point our team couldn’t do their job without Outreach.”

“We figure that at this point, we’ve more than doubled the ROI for our Outreach subscription,” Westerberg reflected. “In sales nowadays, you need a platform like Outreach to be successful.” Westerberg also sees opportunities to embed Outreach deeper into his sales teams as time goes on — and integrate Outreach and Showpad more deeply as well. “Before we started the managed trial we were already testing ways we could use the two products together,” Westerberg reflected. “We even consulted with a development company to make sure there was parity with the two products. Hopefully we can build on the integrations and the combination becomes best-in-breed in terms of outbound sales enablement and messaging.”

At this point, Westerberg wouldn't hesitate to recommend Outreach to other companies searching for an effective sales engagement platform. “It’s really difficult to select (with confidence) the right vendor to solve you major business problems,” Westerberg said. “When you have a problem and you start searching for solutions, you want to work with a company who will listen to your challenges and offer clear explanations as far as how their product will solve them. There are a lot of companies who make promises they can’t keep, but from day one, the Customer Success team at Outreach helped us work through our issues and explained what their platform could do for us. Being able to go through the managed trial and actually see it work and drive adoption was huge. Their team was amazing from both a training and technical help perspective. It made the decision to switch to Outreach extremely easy.”