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Single rep generated $400K in sales in < 3 months

Streamlined Sales Stack through Outreach Galaxy

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From Multiple Tools to a Single SEP

When Martina Cole joined the Sacramento Kings sales organization in July 2018, she was charged with streamlining the team’s 3.0 sales stack, which clocked in at nine separate tools. The organization was already considering replacing their current sales engagement platform because leadership knew the current process was unsustainable: reps were utilizing handwritten reminders, Post-It notes, and calendar reminders to stay afloat in a tech stack that was vast but had limited visibility into data or reporting.

In fact, a lingering pain point was that their tech stack had a number of black boxes between each system that prevented sales leadership from seeing a panoramic view in the organization's end-to-end sales process. Leadership was interested in bringing on a new platform, but they wanted to know they would have better optics into the sales process, and demonstrable ROI. “One of the things I was tasked with was what data could we get out of the process? What do we start with and what’s in the middle? What do we end with? How long does it take, or how many days should it take? Everybody in leadership had a gut feeling based on experience, but there was very little data.”

After getting a global sense of pain points for the organization and her individual reps, Martina knew exactly which SEP capabilities she needed—and those that were just gloss. She was after a SEP that could pristinely sync with Salesforce and provide comprehensive data and reporting that wasn’t platform-dependent or required having to access the platform itself. As Martina quickly learned, the current platform’s data was very confined to user licenses. “I was unable to download any kind of reporting out of our current platform. There were analytics available, but you couldn’t even actually download them into any usable format,” she said.

"The reporting and analytics have become a treasure because it’s so comprehensive and there is so many different ways of asking for specific data."

Martina Cole

Sales Enablement Administrator

From a Black Box to Actionable Reporting

Like a true leader, Martina had her team participate in demos to involve them on the final selection of the platform that would ultimately guide their daily activities, and moreover, determine the velocity of their success. “With both platforms, I asked some of my reps to demo it because they would be the ones using it, and I wanted their perspective on the user experience as well.”

Both Martina and her reps chose Outreach for its modern user interface and inherent scalability, easily integrating with other tools in their stack through Outreach Galaxy, as well as the depth of reporting at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

“For me, as an admin and part of the management team, I think that the reporting and analytics have become a treasure because it’s so comprehensive and there are so many different ways of asking for specific data that it’s really supported the junior managers, especially in their one-on-one and coaching sessions,” Martina said.

Since using Outreach, her team has been able to create different Sequences based on customer personas and buying behaviors: previous season ticket holders who never renewed, people who came to events but never converted to customers, and single-game buyers, among others. With more than 800k contacts in Salesforce, the team is now able to immediately act on and account for all inbound and outbound leads. “Outreach has given us insight into what we want our ideal process to look like, and how that would vary from product to product. So now we’re focusing on season tickets, focusing on groups, extension, etc.”

Martina says that Sequences really drive their process, and she’s able to get reliant and relevant data to determine whether it’s the individual or the process that needs refining.

“I personally really like the Sequence reporting, where I can drill down from Sequence, name, to prospect because it shows how many prospects each rep has put into a particular sequence, and how many people are finishing them. We’re finding coaching opportunities around how to close out the process in the platform as well as with the prospect, helping the reps understand that having clean data will help leadership better coach and better advise the reps how to be more successful or how to grow their success.”

Her sales colleagues are also digging into the data and are able to provide more targeted top-level support through their greater understanding of the challenges and ways to prevent them altogether. “We have insights into Sequences that are set up for seven days, and we’re asking: are people really able to get through it in seven days, or do we consistently see that it takes twelve days? We’re now able to look into it further and say, ‘Ok, it takes twelve days--why? What do we need to consider? Where do we need to set a bigger interval because we thought it should be seven days, but consistently reps don’t close until five days later?’ This is where I’m seeing the fine-tuning ability and optics needed for our leadership team.”

Finding Success in Simplicity

Success has come clearer and sooner for the Kings sales organization since bringing on Outreach. One account executive was able to secure a 3x increase worth of sales in less than three months, something Martina says was made possible because of Outreach. “You always have top performers, obviously, people that naturally take to the sales job, but usually it would be more like four to six months to hit this figure.”

Martina’s team is currently maximizing Snippets by using “face to the name” videos in their emails and send a OneMob hype video, particularly if the rep is working an event-related sequence. With OneMob integrated into Outreach Galaxy, the team has been able to save time by dropping the copy and paste manual workaround. “With Snippet, it’s so much easier to repeat this email or this task over without having to go through an additional three or four steps. I think Snippet was a great addition; I’m a big fan."

With Snippet, it’s so much easier to repeat this email or this task over without having to go through an additional three or four steps.”

The Kings are now looking to simplify and streamline their sales stack. “I would like to see more integrations with Outreach so that we can consolidate as much as possible without losing any capabilities but giving the reps the ability to do the same work in a single place.” They’ve already begun mapping out their future state to leverage Outreach and consolidate as much as possible allowing the reps up to do everything in one place.