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Outreach Success Plans ‘100% beneficial’ for improving Patriot Software’s deal cycles

Teams Using Outreach

Revenue Operations, Partner (Customer) Success

Improved customer retention

Reduced and streamlined deal cycles

Faster rep onboarding

Streamlining operations with Patriot Software

Patriot Software makes it easier and more affordable for businesses to streamline their accounting and payroll operations. But after 130 straight months (and counting) of growth, they needed a solution that would make their own operations easier. By utilizing Outreach Success Plans, Patriot Software’s customer support and revenue teams have been able to profitably scale their business while still delivering an excellent customer experience.

Success Plans Timeline
Timeline in Success Plans drives engagement and creates accountability on the timelines, next steps, and business objectives between both parties.

Searching for clarity and structure

Part of the onboarding process for accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs using Patriot Software is implementing Data Migration Plans (DMPs) for all their clients. Some Patriot Software customers work with tens, hundreds, and even thousands of clients, so their partner success teams work closely with them to make the DMP go smoothly.

Before using Success Plans in Outreach, the Patriot Software team was cobbling together documentation in disparate systems and using spreadsheets to try to keep track of all the moving parts. The disorganization made it nearly impossible to identify what action needed to be taken next to move customers forward in the sales cycle. And worse, as new customers – or “partners” as Patriot Software refers to them – kept coming through the door, those that were mid-DMP would get lost in the noise. The result? Churn.

“We were so focused on trying to keep up with new partners that we were losing visibility into which partners never got fully onboarded because the process was too slow or convoluted," says Ryan Cupari, Revenue Operations Manager at Patriot Software.

With so many pieces that need to come together to achieve success, Partner Success Team Lead Sam Beall said the team was “beating down the door” for a better way to communicate DMPs with partners.

Improving customer retention with increased transparency and focus

Today, the Patriot Software team is able to walk through the entire DMP process up front in Outreach Success Plans, dramatically improving the partner experience. Every step of the deal cycle gets mapped out in Success Plans and shared in Outreach with the partner. This way, Sam’s team is able to keep all communication, documentation, and action items in one place.

Sam says it’s been “100% beneficial to be able to communicate up front the expectations in the overall journey” to their partners.“It lets us say, ‘here’s what you can expect from us, and here’s what we expect from you.’”

A more streamlined process with Success Plans made Sam’s team pretty happy, too.

“We were doing a happy dance when we got’s a very powerful tool and we’re glad that we have it.” - Sam Beall, Partner Success Team Lead at Patriot Software

With greater clarity and focus, the Patriot Software team no longer loses track of what action needs to be taken next to progress deals, or has to search through spreadsheets, chats, and emails to figure out where things left off with a customer. Instead, Ryan says they have a “single source of record,” allowing them to be more efficient, intentional, and productive with their time.

"Pardon the pun, but Success Plans set us up for gives you more organization; it allows you to approach your day with some definitive next steps."

Ryan Cupari

Revenue Operations at Patriot Software

Scaling with confidence and peace of mind

Before using Success Plans, Patriot Software lacked a way to take care of their key opportunities, which made providing quality support at scale a challenge. With 80% of their partner channel revenue coming from just 30% of their partners, the business needed a more robust solution to keep track of information exchanged throughout those deal cycles if they wanted to scale.

Outreach Success Plans has “expedited the DMP process tremendously….skyrocketing what we’ve been able to do,” according to Sam.

By providing clear next steps for both customers and the Patriot Partner Success team, engagements were able to move faster - and in the right direction. The other benefit? The day-to-day work for Sam and his team was more enjoyable.

"This is a key driver for being able to capture more opportunities and ensure that we keep growing at the rate we’re growing right now….my team would lose their minds if we had to keep with the old process that we were going through. It was completely outdated."

Sam Beall

Partner Success Team Lead at Patriot Software

Dedicating new team members to Success Plans

Patriot Software plans to add more members to their team, with some solely dedicated to onboarding partners in Success Plans. “As we continue to grow and scale, this is going to be one of the most powerful weapons that we have,” Sam said. “There are a lot of things going on with Outreach that are making us better, and Success Plans is a big piece of it.”