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Jitterbit Harnesses Amplify to Increase Reply Rates & Act on More than 3K Extracted Phone Numbers

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3X qualified opportunities

15% increase in reply rates

3,167 new phone #s extracted

As a idealist, Wes Baker, Jitterbit’s Senior Manager of Demand Generation, is always keeping an eye out for what’s next for the sales industry, particularly with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As a current customer, Wes already knows the value of cutting edge technologies and was instrumental to bringing Outreach to Jitterbit. Within the first three months of using the platform, Jitterbit doubled their sales accepted leads (SAL) and achieved a 3x increase in qualified opportunities. But Wes wanted to keep improving, asking, “Now that we’ve achieved this benchmark, how can we move the needle even further with Outreach?”

"Companies are gravitating toward Outreach because you have the secret formula of what’s working, and what people need in today’s digital era to stay relevant in their conversations."

Wes Baker

Senior Manager of Demand Generation

Enter now Amplify, Outreach’s suite of machine learning technologies. Wes’s team received early access to the Amplify Out of Office (OOO) Return Date extraction feature and immediately saw its value. Similar to Outreach’s own numbers, more than 20% of Jitterbit’s emails were OOO replies, and the manual admin and attention these replies created was a problem that sales teams could intuit but were unable to solve. Until now.

“It was the most frustrating thing when I would set up an out-of-office reply, but then get a second message three days later. And the email looks personalized, it looks like the real deal, but then you realize it’s not because the sender obviously did not read my OOO response. But I never realized that this was an issue until we got early access to the feature and went through the numbers with Outreach.”

Outreach’s own internal data showed that a rep’s likelihood of booking a meeting dropped 46% if they send a second email after receiving the prospect’s initial OOO reply. But to effectively minimize spamming a prospect, reps had to carve out the time and resources to manually act on each OOO reply.

Outreach's Amplify OOO Reply Detection enables Jitterbit's email marketing to stand out from the noise. In today's fast-paced digital world, timing your emails to get in front of your prospects once they’re back in the office is absolutely critical to stay above the competition and be the most relevant in your market.”

But after adapting Amplify, Jitterbit’s sales team was able to act on 2,142 extracted return dates, resuming the sequence based on the prospect’s schedule and using the extraction features to add time back in their day and personalizing at scale.

“Amplify allows us to intelligently respond back the same day they come back, and it’s very powerful because it looks personalized, it looks like you actually read their email and cared about their time and schedule, even though it’s completely automated. It’s super, super powerful and obviously response rates go through the roof.”

Amplify’s machine learning automation has become ingrained in the team’s inbound and outbound workflows that Wes calls it “unimaginable” to succeed without Outreach.

“It was one of those hidden benefits that I never really thought about, but it’s a huge differentiator now. Once Amplify was live, it was a huge weight off our shoulders-- I saw our reply rates and how it positively affected our pipeline and revenue because the more responses means more meetings, and more booked conversions.” Since using Amplify, Wes has seen a boost in their large scale outbound campaigns, getting reply rates around 15%. Simply stated, “I’m absolutely positive that Amplify played a role in that,” Wes said.

Working with Outreach is like working with a vendor that sees the future and is also constantly innovating to build that future.”

Ever the idealist, Wes continues to look ahead to Outreach’s product roadmap and ways to keep leveraging machine learning for his team’s success. “With Amplify and machine learning, it’s the future, one-hundred percent. Outreach has come out with great technology already, but I get excited because I know that there’s more to come.”