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Jitterbit's Qualified Opportunities Skyrocket 3x with Outreach

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x2 sales opportunities in a single quarter

Outreach established a universal process

Qualified opportunity conversion increased by 150%

Jitterbit is an API transformation company that accelerates innovation by combining the power of APIs and integration. Jitterbit’s API integration platform allows companies to rapidly connect on-premise and cloud applications and instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process. But when it came to rapidly connecting with a uniform strategy and structured process, they found themselves grounded.

“Before Outreach we were using Yesware,” recalled Wes Baker, Manager of Business Development. “It was meeting our needs but there was definitely a ‘spray and pray’ approach. There was no sense of control—people were creating their own templates, and there were no checks and balances. There was no process.”

While everyone likes a bit of attention, their sales prospects were less than thrilled with the deluge of their mass spam approach.

“Our email volume went crazy, and we actually started making prospects angry,” Baker admitted. “They were even calling us out on Twitter. That led us to evaluate other tools.”

Their decision to search for a tool that would allow them to craft the kind of precise messaging and sequences that would clearly articulate the value of Jitterbit’s product to prospective clients coincided with the arrival of their new CMO, Simon Peel. According to Baker, “When he saw the capabilities the platform offered, Simon said, ‘Yes, let’s absolutely go with Outreach.’”

Putting sales team on cloud 9

After deploying Outreach In February 2017, Baker and Peel saw immediate results that put them on cloud nine. Fast forward eight months, and neither one regrets his decision to go with Outreach.

“We’ve increased our overall opportunity conversion rate significantly,” Baker beamed. “We were at 100 opportunities per quarter on Yesware and other tools before that. And last quarter with Outreach we were at 230 opportunities. Our call volume also exploded—we tripled qualified opportunities in the first month using Outreach, and Simon loved that! As far as we’re both concerned, we couldn’t be any happier with Outreach.”

They’ve already seen an increase in their expansion numbers as well. “Our expansion numbers had been missing the target for quite a while, but with Outreach this is the first quarter where we have expansion coming in that will be repeatable business. I know that they’re doing a lot of upsell type of sequences based on the usage data in SalesForce that we’ve captured thanks to Outreach.”

"Our call volume also exploded—we tripled qualified opportunities the first month using Outreach, and our CMO, Simon, loved that! As far as we’re both concerned, we couldn’t be any happier with Outreach."

Wes Baker

Manager of Business Development

From "everyone for themselves" to "everyone on the same page"

Initially, Baker was looking for a solution to the aforementioned lack of uniform strategic process that would allow his team to capitalize on their extremely inbound-heavy sales leads, “About 70 percent of our leads are inbound and 30 percent are outbound. It’s great for us because we have a free product, we offer a 30-day free trial, and we attend a lot of trade shows. We also get a lot of web inquiries.”

Baker was searching for a sales engagement platform that would allow him to create custom templates he could apply consistently across his entire team, and sequences he could customize for his various lead funnels, and Outreach delivered.

“It’s an absolute dream come true from a manager’s perspective,” Baker said, “because we’re able to create sequences with the right messaging based on where the inquiries are coming from without the SDRs having to create them themselves. Instead, they come into work, they answer their emails, and then they start with their Outreach tasks that I’ve set.”

Outreach gives Baker just what he was looking for in terms of insights, customization and prioritization, and it streamlined and structured the SDR teams daily tasks for greater efficiency and productivity.

“With Outreach, we’re dispositioning our leads in an efficient manner to where we know that the right messages are being sent to the right prospect at the right time,” Baker said. “Before, when a lead came in, the SDR had to check their dashboard, double-check the lead source, go find a template with a canned response in Gmail or Yesware, send it out, and then set a follow-up task for three days from now with a different email. Now it’s, ‘Hey, the lead came in—here’s the first email template, and then we’re going to automate the rest for you with some calls in between.”

Visible benefits: Redundancy eliminated, money saved, visibility increased

The powerful tools in Outreach have not only helped Baker maximize his team’s effectiveness—they’ve helped to eliminate the need for other, more costly platforms in the process.

“We were able to replace an agent-assisted dialing platform called ConnectAndSell, which was incredibly expensive. My reps they prefer to use the local dialer bridge in Outreach, and I attribute that to the overall efficiency we’ve achieved.”

In fact, Baker believes that his current SDRs might even take for granted how smoothly their days flow compared to life in the pre-Outreach days. “They don’t realize how good they have it compared to before when our SDRs had to do things like log tasks in SalesForce,” Baker laughed. “I have it all hooked up where it positions the lead correctly in SalesForce if they call a prospect and they don’t answer.

“The SDRs that are newer and ramping up now are able to see our entire process map through Outreach. I have the whole playbook filled out for them—what questions to ask, where to research the lead, how to find duplicates in SalesForce, how to make sure they’re not a partner account. Before, I’d have to remember to spread that information through word of mouth.”

Outreach is also providing the Jitterbit leadership team with a level of visibility they’ve never had before. “We have the Outreach panel hooked up so the rest of the company can see exactly what is going on with our leads,” Baker explained. “Upper management loves it because they can see everything that’s happening at all times.”

We were at 100 opportunities per quarter on Yesware and other tools before that. And last quarter with Outreach we were at 230 opportunities.”

A hands on partner, invested in success.

While Baker and his team have found Outreach’s intuitive UI easy to master, it’s their world-class customer service that led directly to Jitterbit’s impressively quick results. “Outreach’s customer service is fantastic,” Baker emphasized. “Our CSR came onsite to help me create a lot of the mapping. He mapped out all of our call dispositions so if an SDR speaks to a prospect, leaves a voicemail or reaches a gatekeeper within Outreach, that information is logged in SalesForce and shows up in our reports so we’re able to see exactly how well we’re able to get ahold of our prospects as the leads come through. Outreach invests in their clients to make sure they’re successful, and we have been successful because of the help they provided us.”

An extensive roadmap to drive the future.

As all the applicable teams at Jitterbit become more integrated with Outreach, Baker sees a future where their entire sales cycle has a unique sense of intimacy unlike anything their prospective clients have experience in the past.

“The goal is to build out the whole road map for our customers once they do convert, and Outreach is involved,” Baker explained. “Being an enterprise product, we have a pretty extensive pipeline funnel. We have the qualification call, then once they’re qualified to do what we call a POV—which is essentially us telling the prospect what Jitterbit is capable of doing before we even show them the demo—we gather all the pertinent information, such as positive business outcomes, metrics and required capabilities, and then build the demo around that.

“It’s a very “white glove” approach, and we want to extend that same approach across every aspect of our sales cycle. Having a platform like Outreach that allows us to have the right tools and sequences for each step is extremely important to accomplish that.”