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Outreach empowers 10-person startup to produce the output of a 100-person company

Personalization and persona-based messaging led to open rates of 70%

Sales professionals' time was freed up to make 50% more calls per week

80% of candidates sourced came from Outreach



InterviewJet is a modern recruiting platform based in New York City that is revolutionizing the world of candidate sourcing and placement. While the average recruiting firm sends 50 different resumes to 50 different customers, InterviewJet flips the traditional model on its head by helping teach candidates to market themselves, and get their resumes straight into the hands of hiring managers.

There are two sides to the InterviewJet recruiting process. First, the Account Executives find companies and Hiring Managers who need to fill highly technical roles in their company, everything from engineers and UI/UX designers to CTOs. Second, the Talent Managers seek out and source top talent.

Greg Harris joined InterviewJet as the Chief Operations Officer at the start-up’s early stages, and knew they would need more than just CRM to succeed. After looking at a variety of tools, Greg stumbled upon Outreach, and immediately fell in love with the way the platform synced with both Gmail and SFDC.

“We quickly discovered that Outreach allows our salespeople to use just one platform,” Greg explained. “Too often you see reps who sit on email, salesforce, and various other tools just to get through their day-to-day. In contrast, our salespeople don’t even need to open their mailbox. Outreach syncs up perfectly with their mailbox and SFDC, so salespeople can move through their pipeline incredibly quickly, and focus on what they do best: selling.”

The InterviewJet team were early adopters of Outreach, and according to Harris, it’s the “last thing they’d ever cut from their budget.” Harris expressed, “Outreach is key to our business. Our reps don’t even need a to-do list anymore. They have Outreach.”

"We sleep well at night knowing that every potential candidate is queued up for the next engagement because of Outreach. It is so powerful that we don’t even have to think about it."

Greg Harris


Personalization helps source and place the right candidates

The Talent Managers at InterviewJet are responsible for finding and sourcing top-tier candidates to feature on their platform every week. They act as guidance counselors, helping the candidates market themselves. In order to find and retain the right candidates, the Talent Managers must send over 1,000 emails each week, in addition to 40 calls and meetings they set up.

But Harris rejects the “spray and pray” approach. His Talent Managers strive to find not only the best candidates, but the right candidates, so they needed to focus and personalize their messaging.

Harris explains: “Outreach allows us to be really personal at scale. People understand that we are targeting them, not sending them spam. What we do is engage people with high levels of personalization. We get a 70% open rate on these emails, and a solid 7% response rate, because of the dynamic information that Outreach allows our reps to put in the subject line. Adding the candidate’s name, title, and company name helps people understand that we’re really focusing on them.”

Account Executives, who are responsible for recruiting companies and hiring managers to join the InterviewJet platform depend upon Outreach’s ability to segment leads and create persona-based messaging. Personas are segmented by title and industry, so that, for example, Directors of Design will only get messages about UX/UI Designers, and CTOs will only get messages about IT positions. This way, prospects only receive relevant content that will actually pique their interest, and the process is kept simple, so that sending out personalized messaging is possible at scale.

“Segmentation has been key to the Account Executives,” Harris reflects. “The more custom you can get with your messaging, based on who that person is, the better. We get really targeted with Outreach, and get responses from people saying, ‘Wow. It’s really nice to hear from someone who knows and understands what I do.’ We segment hiring managers based on a variety of factors, so that we can provide them exactly what they are looking for, and then get them to respond through our persistent Outreach follow-up.”

Outreach makes our salespeople so effective that they don’t even have to lift a finger, and they can get on 50% more calls per week.”

It’s not just dynamic subject lines and personalization that gets InterviewJet their extremely successful open rates: they also rely heavily on conversation threading.

According to Harris, “When a candidate doesn’t respond to the first message, Outreach gives us the option of sending a reply to the first email, starting a chain where your conversations are threaded into one. As soon as the candidate receives the second email, a (2) shows up next to it, so it feels more personal, like a conversation has already been started, encouraging prospects to open the message. This second email in the thread jumps up to a 8% response rate, in contrast with the 3-5% response rates we get on the first message.”

Harris insists that even the simplest features are key to his team’s success. “With Outreach, you set up the triggers, load up your prospects, and it does the work for you.” And the results speak for themselves: 80% of the candidates Harris’ team sources and places are coming from Outreach.

Nurturing leads is both simple and strategic

When Harris first came on board, the company was already using Salesforce as their system of record. However, Harris was well aware of the issues sales and marketing teams would experience if they only used a CRM.

“Salespeople get bogged down doing the mundane every day,” Harris explained. “Whether that’s updating records or moving people through the pipeline. I would say that 40% of what our reps were doing on an average day was just moving things around and completing tasks. But we didn’t hire them to manage data -- we hired them to sell.”

So Harris brought on Outreach in order to make his team as efficient as possible. He immediately saw results in the speed of their workflow: “Because Outreach syncs up perfectly with Salesforce, our sales people became so efficient that they began to get on 50% more calls per week. Outreach takes the mundane off their plate and frees them up to do what they do best: selling.”

One of the greatest benefits InterviewJet has seen in their Outreach-automated workflow is the ease at which they can move through their pipeline. When a candidate or hiring manager responds to a sequence, Outreach immediately prompts the Account owner to give them a call. Harris has been extremely impressed with how quickly this sync and notification occurs. His AEs and TMs don’t even have to think about their tasks for the day--Outreach tells them what they have to do.

Just as powerful as their active workflow using Outreach is InterviewJet’s follow-up and nurture process. If a candidate responds to an email and is interested, Outreach is automatically triggered, and starts building the opportunity for the reps. All the InterviewJet team has to do is follow up with a call within 24 hours.

We sleep well at night knowing that every potential candidate is queued up for the next engagement because of Outreach. It is so powerful that we don’t even have to think about it.”

If a prospect responds with “not right now” or asks for a follow-up in a few months, Outreach queues them up for a follow-up sequence on the exact date they requested. Harris’ reps no longer have to manually add “follow up with X” to their calendar -- Outreach does that scheduling for them.

Harris explains the power in this feature for his team: “Outreach prevents any prospects from falling through the cracks. We sleep well at night knowing that every person in our database--unless they opted out--is queued up for the next engagement. Every single person. It is so powerful that we don’t even have to think about it. It’s all automated, so it allows us to focus on what we’re doing now, like selling, going to meetings, and getting on calls, rather than worrying about forgetting to follow up with so-and-so in 6 months.”

InterviewJet is expanding rapidly, thanks to Outreach

InterviewJet first launched in New York City, and they’re growing fast, with their second market Boston launched earlier this year. A huge factor in their explosive growth has been Outreach. Harris has relied on Outreach to set his team up for success before they even launch into a new market:

“When we launch into a new market or new city, we need a certain number of hiring managers already signed up before we start to put candidates into the system, or we will end up with disgruntled candidates who aren’t getting placed. So, we start running Outreach 2 months before we even launch, and we load up on people who are interested in what we do. It allows us to hit the ground running. Our launch time goes from 120 days down to 75 days just because of what we’re able to do through Outreach. We’ve even been able to increase our customer base to 1,300 companies in NY and 400 companies in Boston.”