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Fast sales manager credits Outreach Kaia with helping onboard, guide her reps to success

Increased pipeline and deal visibility

Scaleable rep onboarding

Focused, data-driven individual guidance

Easier, faster cross-team collaboration

Rapid growth drives the need to scale sales onboarding, manager guidance, and cross-team collaboration

Fast, an online login and checkout provider that helps reduce friction in the online checkout experience, is growing rapidly. To take full advantage of the market opportunity, Fast needed a way to quickly scale their onboarding program to help new sales reps keep pace with increased demand.

Jill Elefante, Growth Sales Manager for Fast, leads a growing team of sales reps. She says she is always trying to divide her time between guiding individual reps to focus on big picture goals, having specific conversations with reps about their pipeline, prepping for sales calls, and joining sales calls herself.

Turning calls into training tools for better outcomes

As a sales manager, Jill needs her whole team performing their best in order to hit their sales goals.

“My job really is to bring out the best in the reps. In an ideal world I’d love to be able to focus on the individual time together and help grow skill sets that way,” Jill said.

With Outreach Kaia recording and transcribing calls, Jill can easily review and share feedback with reps— turning calls into training tools for the team and making one-on-ones more effective. The team also shares best practices and plays with each other, which helps newer reps handle tricky customer conversations.

"I was onboarding a newer rep and was able to share this awesome call from my rep in the UK using Outreach Kaia. Learning from that recording was such a game changer, our new rep has seen so much success in taking the structure of what she heard from my rep in the UK. Without Outreach Kaia that never would have been able to happen."

Jill Elefante

Growth Sales Manager at Fast

As the team’s head coach, Jill has to decide where to spend her limited time, scaling her personal attention and training across her team.

“As much as I would love to be on every single call, I have over a dozen people on my team in the UK, New York, and West Coast. When I can’t be there, the next best thing is to get to listen to each other’s calls and I can come back after the fact and figure out coaching opportunities,” Jill said.

Kaia Post Meeting Review
With Outreach Kaia recording and transcribing calls, Jill can easily review and share feedback with reps— turning calls into training tools for the team and making one-on-ones more effective.

Creating a positive sales culture

With multiple offices, not every rep is able to make every sales enablement training or team meeting, or sit in on a call in real-time. Jill says Outreach Kaia gives reps an easy way to learn and grow together, despite different time zones and locations.

Jill makes it part of her team’s everyday routine to record, share, and learn from each other’s calls— including when interactions go well and when they don’t. Outreach Kaia helped create a culture of transparency, which she said spurs learning and improvement among her reps.

“There’s nothing that can be equally as tough and helpful as listening to yourself. Everyone knows it’s probably the most painful yet effective type of feedback. To be able to learn from a successful call— when reps are newer or struggling— really, really helps,” Jill said.

Aligning with solutions architects to proactively mitigate deal delays

Fast’s sales team relies on Outreach Kaia to capture notes and action items that can be shared with teams across the org. For example, Outreach Kaia helps the sales team quickly align with Fast’s solutions architects to address technical issues that come up on sales calls.

Addressing technical issues upfront is critical for a deal to move forward. When solutions architects aren’t able to join a call, they have the recording, transcription, notes and action items captured in one place, which makes it easy for them to respond to the customer. Capturing and quickly sharing direct customer feedback with Outreach Kaia helps Fast review and remove obstacles before they become deal blockers.

Jill says sales reps routinely uncover new feature requests and customer needs or areas of friction within the product. With Outreach Kaia, they can easily share this feedback with product management, UX and engineering. This allows managers and key stakeholders to see key meeting moments that otherwise would have been lost. It also improves the cross-company collaboration needed to drive new product growth.

"It’s nice to have Outreach Kaia because things happen quickly when you’re on a sales call, especially when you’re speaking and presenting, you’re probably not taking notes and you can forget everything you said in the moment. Outreach Kaia makes my life a lot easier."

Jill Elefante

Growth Sales Manager at Fast

Guiding reps to quicker success

Fast found Outreach Kaia’s ease of use helped drive rapid adoption of the tool across the team.

“Outreach Kaia is super easy, it’s not like tools I’ve used in the past. I’ve never seen any sort of technical issues with being able to use any part of Outreach or Outreach Kaia, which I definitely cannot say about previous solutions I’ve used,” Jill said. “You don’t realize how much of a luxury that is unless you’ve had to deal with the opposite.”

In the first six months of using the virtual assistant, more than 30 Fast reps have used Outreach Kaia for more than 600 meetings, with an average of about two action items per meeting hour captured. And they don’t plan on stopping there.

“We're growing really quickly and we want to make sure that our Go-To-Market team is very buttoned up, and that we're doing everything as professionally as we can. Having Kaia in place is just really important at this stage,” Jill said.