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Outreach gave Datanyze one tool to replace many, allowing them to sequence emails, organize processes and see real-time performance.

Teams Using Outreach

Sales Development

Revenue doubled within the first two quarters of implementing Outreach

Outreach's efficiency allows one rep to do the work of three

52 percent reply rate that they can boost by up to 20 percent by using a targeted subject lines

The Challenge

Datanyze's sales team needed to work more efficiently and quickly to figure out what was working (and wasn't working) in the sales process to make adjustments to keep up to continue hitting their aggressive sales goals.

SDRs found themselves firing away emails for endless hours at a time instead of having the time to focus and target messaging on what would click with potential customers. Because the company was growing so fast, it also needed a tool that new hires could jump in and use right away - one that decreased onboarding time by concentrating new hires on which messaging to use, not how to make their messaging effective.

"We doubled revenue in the first two quarters of implementing Outreach because it's so efficient."

Ben Sardella


Implementing Outreach

When Datanyze put Outreach into play, they almost immediately felt its effect. "The simplicity that it brings to my team and their outbound efforts, each rep is doing the work of three reps now," said Jason Vargas, Managing Director, Outbound Sales. "It is so intuitive for my team, and it makes it easy to map my playbook to Outreach."

A startup with about five SDRs as of now, the company is growing - and fast. That means they need to work efficiently to stay on top of demand. Datanyze SDRs are using Outreach to highly personalize many series' of sales touchpoints based on what they can uncover in researching prospects. This, in turn, increases return on the time investment needed to personalize those messages which can be cashed in on in important high-touch activities, like calls and product demos.

It's probably saved me three to four hours a day. If someone took Outreach away, it'd be a huge loss. The team and I rely on it every day.”

"It's probably saved three to four hours a day," said Josh O'Brien, SDR Team Lead. "It's nice to leave the gym at 7 a.m. and know that emails are going out on your behalf, and you'll get to the office with messages waiting for you." For Datanyze, the first and second emails have the greatest value. With the analytics, reporting and dashboards in Outreach, they can easily see the impact of those first two touches right away. "It's by far the most accurate reporting we've seen compared to competing systems," said Vargas.

The Results

Datanyze has seen some remarkable improvements in efficiency with Outreach, saving precious work hours and increasing leads. The numbers back it up, too. Datanyze reports a 52 percent reply rate, and that they can boost that rate by up to 20 percent by using a very targeted subject line. "I know that if we have at least 100 actives, we will be scheduling two to three demos per day, per rep," Vargas said.

The simplicity that it brings to my team and their outbound efforts is so great that each rep is essentially doing the work of three reps now.”

In fact, Datanyze saw its revenue double within the first two quarters of implementing Outreach. Outreach is not only helping them hit quotas - it’s helping them reach their stretch goals. "I redesigned our whole process around this tool," Vargas said. "It’ll create levels of efficiency you didn’t know possible."