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Announcing Your New Favorite Sales Playbook: Outreach on Outreach

Max Altschuler, Vice President of Sales Engagement at Outreach's Avatar

Max Altschuler, Vice President of Sales Engagement at Outreach

Every year, our Unleash conference gets bigger and bigger.

After each event, we send out a survey asking attendees what they liked most. The number one answer almost every time?

The content.

We spend months planning the content. We work with some of the most seasoned sales leaders across various industries, our amazing partners and sales engagement consultants, and of course famous keynote speakers like Chris Voss, Carey Lohrenz, and Guy Raz.

But there is always one track of content called out above the rest: Outreach on Outreach. Our audience continuously demands more of these sessions which highlight how we use our own sales engagement best practices to drive results for our Outreach revenue teams.

At Outreach, we really “drink our own champagne.” We focus on the operational excellence of the core product, and then take it a few steps further. We create new flywheels, experiment with data, and use the insights to understand next best actions.

We use Outreach across various different functions such as:

  • Sales Development
  • Account Executives
  • Customer Success
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Demand Generation
  • Revenue Operations and Enablement
  • Partnerships
  • Recruiting

We even use it in marketing to coordinate podcast and webinar guests!

So why wait until Unleash? Why not give the people what they want all year round?

Today we are announcing our new content series, Outreach on Outreach.

We’ll share what we’ve learned from our own team, from our customers, from billions of data points and years of experimentation and A/B testing. Each article will include recommendations and insights supported by our Data Science team and our newest product releases.

Our first two articles are live now.

In the first article, we’re diving deep into how we drove 14,000 attendees and influenced $119 million in pipeline from our virtual event last year (not to mention how we turned that into closed-won revenue).

We show you exactly how we follow up and, most important, what led to a 62% increase in deal acceleration!

In our second article, we’re getting into the weeds on account-based sales: how we empower our SDRs and AEs to prospect together and drive more pipeline despite the challenges of a tough market.

We show you exactly how we create account plans and what it takes to increase your chances at a next meeting by 47%!

The best part about Outreach on Outreach is that we focused on making it hyper-accessible. Even if you don’t use Outreach, you can still get a ton of actionable value to improve your own sales processes. I can’t wait to share more with you.

We’ll roll out a new post every few weeks when we have exciting new insights to share, so make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates or subscribe to our list on the Outreach on Outreach page to be the first to know.

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