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A New Outreach and Meetings and Unleash, Oh My: What we Shipped in 2017

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2017 has been quite the wild ride at Outreach -- our product and company are growing so fast, you may barely even recognize us from a mere 365 days ago! Over the past year, we set out on a mission to create innovative technology that would empower every sales rep to book and hold more meetings, create more meaningful connections with prospects, work more efficiently to focus more time on selling activities, and ultimately, bring incredible innovations to market.

Last year our product and engineering teams were constantly innovating to make this mission a reality. We shipped on average over 142 product updates, large and small, every day (and we’re counting weekends here!) in 2017 to keep your team running at peak excellence.

Before we charge into 2018 in full force, let’s take a look back at the most game changing features we brought you in 2017.

A new and improved Outreach to help you complete selling tasks faster and more intelligently

In May, we brought you an entirely new Outreach to improve our user interface and bring an important focus on actionable analytics.

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More than just an aesthetic overhaul with new branding (and our beloved Nucleo!), our product redesign featured a more intuitive user interface with streamlined navigation, a quick actions toolbar, and new sorting and filtering capabilities to help you complete tasks quickly and painlessly.

A faster, more effective way to schedule meetings with Outreach Meetings

20% of booked meetings result in a prospect not showing up, despite sales teams’ best efforts. In November, we took our first step towards reducing that number with Outreach Meetings. We designed Outreach Meetings for the unique needs of sales teams, equipping you with the best tool in the industry to reduce no-show rates and making it drop dead simple to book meetings. Now reps can spend less time scheduling meetings and more time selling.

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Last year, we launched a suite of calendaring features for Gmail to make booking meetings less manual and time consuming.

But our work reinventing the sales meeting isn’t close to done. In 2018 watch out for Office 365 and Outlook support, more advanced calendaring features, and features to help you reduce meeting no-show rates.

A better way to connect with Sales Intelligence Tiles and Analytics

In 2017, we built Sales Intelligence Tiles to help you have more meaningful conversations with your prospects.

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Before Sales Intelligence Tiles, prospect research looked a bit like this: Open chrome, then open 20 different browser tabs, each with LinkedIn, a company website, Twitter, data sources like Owler or Crunchbase, etc, then pivot back and forth between tabs for 10 minutes, jotting down notes. Now, Sales Intelligence Tiles surface any information you’d need to know about a prospect or account in an all-in-one view to help you save time without sacrificing the critical personal element of selling. You could win back an entire week of selling time over the course of a year with the time you save on prospect research using this new feature.

Additionally, activity-based analytics help reps connect with prospects sooner, and with less back-and-forth by surfacing important insights, like the best time of day to call or email prospects.

Outreach wherever you work to sell more efficiently and intuitively

Window Mode for Outreach Everywhere

In 2015, we released Outreach Everywhere, our Chrome extension to allow you to use Outreach wherever you work. In 2017, we improved this experience with Window Mode, an update that launches Outreach Everywhere in a separate Chrome window, so Outreach stays with you as you navigate through different browser tabs.

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Universal Task Flow

After releasing Window Mode, we redefined the sales workflow when we launched Universal Task Flow in beta. With Universal Task Flow, the Outreach Everywhere window travels with you and guides you to new pages in your main browser window as you navigate across different tasks in Outreach. No more back-and-forth toggling and context switching so you can focus better and complete tasks more efficiently. This is the ultimate game changer in sales multitasking tools, enabling you to complete tasks faster and work more intuitively across the multitude of websites you use each day.

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Inbox innovation

2017 was a big year for the inbox, as we made huge investments to allow you to use Outreach where you need us the most.

In February, we completely redesigned our Gmail experience, allowing you to more seamlessly integrate your Outreach and Gmail workflows. With this redesign, we brought Snippets right into Gmail, allowing you to write emails that used to take minutes in a matter of seconds. Throughout the year, we shipped a number of Gmail upgrades to help you track tasks and manage conversations with prospects, including Inbox Bump, Prospect Quick Add, and Prospect Indicator.

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In July, we launched our integration with Outlook, bringing the power of Outreach into a second email service. We worked tirelessly over the second half of 2017 to bring many of the features you know and love from our Gmail integration into Outlook -- including Sequences, Snippets, and Inbox Bump. We’re excited to continue improving our Outlook experience in the year ahead!

With a heavy focus on the inbox experience, this year we made big investments in deliverability, with features like Branded URLs. Now you can work from your inbox and also have the confidence of knowing your emails are being delivered.

New premium support options

We live our core values every day, but the technical support team went above and beyond in exemplifying our value of “having your back” in September when they launched Premium Support.

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We listened to your feedback and created enhanced support options that include lightning fast SLAs (You’ll get a chat response in under 60 seconds - faster than Starbucks can make your latte!), expanded support hours, and even chat support!

A more powerful API for product development and 3rd party integrations

In September, we released an all new platform API that makes it easier than ever to connect 3rd party applications to Outreach. The new API is easier to use, features new options for connections, includes new and improved documentation, and over time, will be able to support every action you can do in Outreach. This new API brings you improved analytics, stronger 3rd party integrations, and more.

And speaking of 3rd party integrations, 2017 was a record year for us. We launched partnerships and integrations with ConnectAndSell, Dark Sky, DocSend, LinkedIn, Mapbox, Owler, Sendoso, ZoomInfo, and more.

A more holistic onboarding experience to get you selling from day one

The most important part of our mission at Outreach is to make sure that you, our customers, are wildly successful. And a big part of that is being able to hit the ground running the moment you get your seat in Outreach. That’s why, over the last year, we’ve made huge investments in our onboarding experience and educational resources.

We launched a new Outreach University to help your team be more successful for day one. SAML Single Sign On, launched in September, reduces the hassle of provisioning new seats and lets reps start selling without dealing with yet another new password. And, features like content blueprints reduce new reps’ ramp up time by providing tried and tested email templates and Outreach sequences to empower them to have successful prospecting conversations from day one.

A stronger Outreach user community and our first user conference: Unleash

In June, we held our first ever annual user conference, Unleash!

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We loved meeting our customers, hearing your stories, and getting your feedback for future feature development. We’re already so excited for #Unleash18!

Unleash was such a hit with all of you that we built off its momentum with our first series of Summits and ReachOut user meetups to help you connect with us and eachother throughout the year. We extended our community beyond live events with The Peak, our virtual customer community. Here, Outreach users around the world can share best practices, get to know each other, and give us feedback that helps shape the future of Outreach.

It’s been an amazing year, and we’ve loved being able to grow with our customers and see the amazing heights your teams have been able to reach with the power of Outreach. We’ve got a lot in store for you in 2018 and we’re excited to share what we believe will be our best year yet! Let us know in the comments what you hope to see in 2018.

If you haven’t tried Outreach yet, talk to us about how we can help you make all your new years sales resolutions come true.

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