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Why You Need to See Trish Bertuzzi and Pete Kazanjy Speak at Unleash

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We’re quickly approaching Unleash 19, THE Sales Engagement Conference of the year and the go-to event for the world's most innovative and fastest-growing companies, and to get people even more excited (is that even possible?), we’re highlighting some of the phenomenal speakers lined up for this year’s slew of sessions.

First up…

Trish Bertuzzi

President & Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group


For those who don’t know the force of nature that is Trish Bertuzzi, here’s a little primer:

Trish Bertuzzi is the Best Selling Author of The Sales Development Playbook and founder of The Bridge Group, Inc. She and her team have worked with over 405+ B2B technology companies helping them to unleash the power of Sales Development, Inside Sales and Customer Success. They are on a mission to help companies build repeatable pipeline and accelerate growth using buyer based modern selling strategies.

She’s also been a frequent contributor to Sales Hacker, and, most recently, The Sales Engagement Podcast.

Trish will be taking the stage at Unleash to talk about The Evolution of Sales Engagement, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering Unleash is all about Sales Engagement. Seriously though, Trish is an authority in sales development and knows exactly how prospects want to be engaged. In fact, The Bridge Group and Sales Hacker teamed up to create The Ultimate Sales Engagement Guide, which is a comprehensive look at exactly how buyers like to buy.

In Trish’s session, you will learn about how the category came to be and where it’s going. This is especially important considering that 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in technologies and methodologies to help their sellers engage effectively with prospects and customers.

Plus, you’ll leave with “....takeaways on how to better use your sales development team to have more and more meaningful conversations,” Trish says.

If you want to uplevel your sales development/engagement game, Trish’s session is for you.

Next up…

Peter Kazanjy

Co-founder of Atrium HQ and founder of 

Modern Sales Pros


Pete has been a mainstay in the sales and sales operations space for years. If you’re lucky enough to be a member of the MSP forum, you know the reservoir of knowledge Pete is. For the uninitiated, here is Pete’s bio:

Pete Kazanjy is a serial founder and seasoned early stage Saas executive, advisor, and investor. Pete founded TalentBin, a category-defining talent search engine and recruiting CRM, which exited to Monster Worldwide in early 2014. 

At TalentBin, Pete went from product and product marketing founder generalist to first sales rep, first sales manager, first VP of Sales, all the way to leading new product sales for 600+ sales reps at Monster worldwide. After Monster, he wrote a book on startup sales for founders and other first-time sellers, Founding Sales, documenting all the mistakes he made along the way, and solutions to them, so future founders can accelerate their go to market acumen. 

Pete also founded and runs the canonical invite-only nationwide sales operations and management “salon” (The Modern Sales Pro salon), featuring 6,000+ members from a who’s who of sales operations, enablement, management, and leadership from 3k+ leading sales organizations. 

Additionally, Pete is a well-known expert in early stage go to market and “founder selling” - helping organizations figure out their early critical positioning and selling activities. He has done substantial speaking and writing on the topic, including being a frequent contributor to First Round Review and Sales Hacker, and advises a number of enterprise software companies on establishing and optimizing their sales and success motions.

Most recently, Pete founded Atrium, a performance analytics company.

Pete is a prolific content creator. He wrote Founding Sales, the definitive how-to manual for startup sales, and is a frequent contributor to the Sales Hacker site.

Being extremely data-driven, it’s no wonder that Pete will drop some serious knowledge on the Unleash crowd by talking about Sales Math: How to Bring Rigor, Precision, and Science to Sales.

Attendees will learn how to apply modern analytical rigor to selling. This is for every customer-facing role -- from SDR, to AE, to AM, and more. Sales leaders should also grab a seat for this session because long gone are the days of gut decisions. Peter will provide the foundation you need to create a more data-driven sales strategy that will serve up success this quarter and the next (and the next and the next).

Note from Pete: If you're a sales operations, enablement, or sales leadership practitioner, you probably want to be in Modern Sales, the preeminent peer-learning community for people like you. Click here to join.

And that’s just the beginning -- Trish and Pete will be joined by 40+ industry elites to help you supercharge your sales process and dominate deals today and every day.

There really shouldn’t be any excuse why to not come to Unleash, but if you’re on the fence…
Good news! Early Bird Pricing has been extended through February 1st. That’s more than $300 off regular ticket prices! So grab your spot, reserve your room, and get ready to rumble with the who’s who of sales, marketing, success, and ops!

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