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Announcing Amplify's Out Of Office Reply Detection

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For reps, it’s no longer about just hitting your quota, it’s about taking the fastest rocket ship to achieve your quota (without being an astronaut) -- to launch it, land it, and expand it!

Today, sales reps shoot for the moon, but often find themselves grounded or orbiting in space  -- preparing for meetings, manually logging activities, updating data in their CRM, etc. 

And let’s face it, after blast off, more than 50% of that administrative work you know you should have done for a successful mission to the moon usually gets thrown out at launch.

The lunar mission, fueled by Amplify

Outreach’s Data Science team has been running internal analyses to identify how Machine Learning can help sales reps engage with the right buyers, at the right time. One key area we identified was, How can we help reps manage Out of Office email responses from a prospect they’re actively working?

Our internal research on 384k email replies, showed that:

  • 18% of emails our sales team receive today are Out of Office responses
  • 25% of those OOO emails have a contact referral to another person
  • 53% of those contact referrals have a manager title or above
  • BUT ONLY 23% of those contact referrals were added to Outreach.
That’s over 12k missed chances to engage with prospects and over 92 hrs* that Amplify can give back to the rep.

Amplify Your Sales Team

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Combining the art of sales with the power of Machine Learning

Introducing the next wave of Amplify, bringing the power of Machine Learning to your inbox! The new OOO Reply Detection extracts contact information from a sender's OOO email and automatically prompts the rep to add the contact to Outreach.

Using Machine Learning, Amplify can identify OOO emails and automatically pause and resume a sequence based on the return date in the email, extract new contact information from the email, and notify the rep on actions to take -- right from their inbox.

Connect with decision-makers while your prospects are out of office


Introducing the new OOO Contact Referral Extraction, extracting a prospect’s contact referral information automatically from an email and allowing you to take action right from your inbox. The OOO Contact Referral Extraction will identify if there’s a new contact referral in the body of the OOO email reply, extract the contact’s information (account name, first & last name, email and/or phone number) and automatically prompt the rep to add the contact to Outreach.

Outreach pro tip #1: Create an “OOO Follow Up Sequence” to handle new contact referrals from the inbox.

  • Sequence Step 1: Create a templated manual email for reps to personalize
  • Sequence Step 2: Create a reminder task for the rep to follow up accordingly

Automatically re-engage with prospects on the day they return


Introducing the new OOO Return Date Extraction, extracting the prospect's OOO return date automatically from the email reply and allowing you to pause the sequence right from your inbox. The OOO Return Date Extraction will automatically detect an OOO email reply from a prospect, pause the sequence the prospect is in, and then resume the sequence based on the return date stated in the email reply.

 Alternatively, users can also adjust the sequence resume date to a date the prospect is most likely to respond.

Outreach pro tip #2: Adjust the sequence resume date to respond two days after the prospect’s exact return date.

Our early adopters are already seeing improvements:

We’re excited to continue investing in the power of Machine Learning and enabling all customer-facing teams to more easily create and execute winning strategies! 

Today, OOO Reply Detection is only available for gmail users who sign up for early access. For more information on how you can start using these features today, read our Amplify OOO Reply Detection support documentation and reach out to your customer success manager if you're interested in being part our early access program.

*Internal research study was measured by the average amount of time it took a sales representative to add a new contact to Outreach (28 seconds) and multiplied by total missed contact referrals.

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