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The Modern Revenue Team’s Top 10 Takeaways from Unleash 2021

Harmony Anderson, Senior Director of Demand Generation & Events's Avatar

Harmony Anderson, Senior Director of Demand Generation & Events

Unleash 2021 continues to ripple across the sales community, as revenue teams put learnings into practice. 

From Twilio to Gartner, Sendoso to Cisco, plus our most seasoned Outreach experts, Unleash was full of practical learnings to help revenue teams do their jobs better.

Here are the top 10 Unleash takeaways from every angle of our very own GTM team:

Harmony Anderson, Senior Director of Demand Generation

“There were so many great nuggets of knowledge that came out of Unleash 2021! As a demand gen leader, one of the most important aspects of my role is to ensure our go-to-market teams and particularly our field reps are armed with high-quality data, leads and playbooks to help them create and close pipeline. The conversation and innovation at Unleash is a great reminder to constantly evaluate the way that our sales and marketing teams stay aligned with the right tech, data and processes.”

Peony Situ, Corporate SDR

“The Outreach platform and its new bells and whistles is a revenue MACHINE. By taking the heavy lifting off people and letting computers do what they are best at, every step of the sales process is optimized. The end result? More meetings booked, predictable pipeline, and engaged decision makers.”

Sam Nelson, SDR Leader:

“Unleash is always full of practical tips that we love to test out. This year, I’m most excited about how I can help watch for objection trends— and not just IF we get a response, but how they respond. Having visibility into that opens so many possibilities for improving how we handle email objections.”

Rebecca Feiten, Senior Account Executive

“In a consultative selling role, we have to be prepared, knowledgeable and deliver the right information, at the right time. With Kaia riding shotgun on my calls, I’m able to easily and eloquently answer any product, integration or security questions that come up. If I find myself in a meeting with surprise guests, I can quickly discover everything I need to know about them, from their roles and responsibilities, to their local weather. Taking notes on the go means that I can easily review moments that I want to dig deeper into, or get a second opinion on. And automatic capture of action items, translated directly into tasks, means that I’m not wasting time listening to recordings for “next steps,” and I never fail to follow up.”

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales

“At first blush Kaia looks like an amazing real-time enablement tool for reps, because it is. However, as you start to use Kaia, you see the value real-time has for managers, too. A manager can log coaching feedback and comments for reps during a call rather than having to find time afterwards to listen to a recording. You can scale your best call coaches by having them create content cards that every rep can use during a call. We are just beginning to understand how real-time enablement affects coaching.”

Tom Castley, VP EMEA

“The world has changed and digital selling is here to stay. Companies are now able to make decisions quicker but they still need to go through the ‘buying’ process. Whether that is detailed specification work with the experts, contracting, legal reviews, proof of concept etc. Navigating, controlling and reporting on all these steps with multiple personas from each side is super difficult and is the next area forward thinking sales leaders are focused on. The days of a spreadsheet, pretending to be a mutual action plan - shared with no one, are gone. Now sales teams and prospects can collaborate on the ‘buying’ process. Best practice templates can be tested and refined and at a summary level sales leaders can quickly see if deals remain on track to close and how engaged the customer is in the process.”

Whitney Sieck, Senior Director of Enablement

“I’m so excited that, post-Unleash, the world now has access to Outreach Kaia! As an enablement leader - my team is tasked with ensuring rep compliance in adoption of key messaging while also driving rep efficiency. In the past, enablement has had to build multi-touch reinforcement and coaching plans so that training information is retained. It’s often been additional information or tasks that, unfortunately, felt like extra work for the reps. With Kaia, we can meet reps in their workflow in their moment of need. 

I loved Clara and Kremer’s 'Outreach on Outreach' session for so many reasons- namely (1) you want an enablement/coaching strategy that reps will enjoy, so hearing Clara’s use case is the ultimate testimonial (2) Kremer provides best practices on content cards that are super tactical and easy to put into action and adopt! Kaia is a secret weapon that can be used to maximize enablement investments at every point in the employee journey - helping remind new hires of the wealth of knowledge they received in onboarding and, for the experienced reps, adopting new talk tracks and keeping up with constant product/market innovation and evolving competitive intelligence.”

Brooke Simmons, Director of Customer Success & Value Consulting

“Investing in your GTM “Dream Team” for a leading sales team means considering the creation of new roles. It was very cool to hear about how customers are bringing together programs, strategy, and operations into a single team focused on driving excellence across the buying journey, with some customers investing in specific “GTM Alignment” roles to make sure that the end-to-end customer experience is truly best in class. I think deliberately focusing talent on alignment across the entire organization will pay off in years to come for these sales organizations.”

Harish Mohan, SVP of RevOps

“A key theme across Unleash is the accelerated need to engage buyers across the entire buying cycle in an omnichannel fashion. It’s pretty exciting to see revenue innovators across enterprise companies all thinking about how to align the right culture, precise techstack, hiring roadmaps and enablement programs and processes to make this work. This conversation is just beginning and I know there will be plenty of best practices to share, so I’m excited to carry on with Mary Shea on our new podcast this summer.”

Anna Baird, CRO

“Carla Harris said it best: our teams are all humans. And as leaders, we are all still learning. Remembering that as our first principle and thinking about how our teams are feeling helps to work through how to handle wide-spread health, social and economic challenges. Unleash 2021 reminded my leaders and me that no matter how challenging or rewarding any given sales quarter may be, our greatest responsibility is to lead with authenticity, empathy and clarity. When taking genuine care of our people and our communities is the first priority, all the other priorities tend to be much easier to tackle as a team.”

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