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Unleash 2020: Call for Speakers!

Kate Holtz, Customer Marketing Manager, Outreach's Avatar

Kate Holtz, Customer Marketing Manager, Outreach

This April, Unleash heads back to San Diego for another action-packed week!

And, if you’ve dreamed of sharing your Outreach or sales leadership story with the country’s most engaged and like-minded enthusiasts, this is your year! For the first time ever, we are seeking speaker applications to share your stories with our sales community.

Applications to speak at Unleash 2020 are now open!

We are looking for customers and thought leaders to share their insights about the ever-evolving sales engagement space at Unleash. We want to showcase not only your unique implementation of Outreach, but how you are thinking about growing and scaling your team, how your company addressing changes in your industry, and more!

Apply to share your thoughts with the best and brightest sales leaders in the industry.

Click here to access the application.The deadline for applications is midnight (12:00am PT) on January 31, 2020.

Got questions? We've got an FAQ!

Q: Who should apply to speak at Unleash?

A: You! We are looking for Outreach customers as well as sales leaders who have a story to share about defining and redefining what's possible with sales engagement.

We're especially interested in stories about the most relevant challenges and opportunities sales organizations currently face, including:

  • Account-Based Sales or Marketing
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence in Sales
  • Sales Transformation - Teams and Tech
  • Tactical Playbooks for Sales, Marketing and Success

Q: What are the conference session tracks?

A: To date, we have outlined three major conference tracks:

  • People - At the core of any successful sales motion is a well-humming team. Tell us what strategies you’ve used to empower individuals and tactics to develop a thriving team.
  • Playbooks - We want to hear what playbooks, processes, and workflows you’ve implemented to ensure your team is hitting their numbers, as well as ways you plan to scale your growth.
  • Technology - The right tech stack can take any team to the next level. We want to hear how Outreach and other technology, are making your team even more successful.

Q: What should I speak about?

A: There's no "right" answer, but some topics that we're always interested in are:

  • Coaching teams and individual reps
  • Sales best practices
  • Outreach best practices (as users or admins)
  • Revenue efficiency
  • Data-driven sales teams
  • Sales operations
  • Sales engagement in the enterprise
  • Aligning marketing and sales
  • Building a sales tech stack

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: We are accepting applications for sessions as long as 45 minutes, to quick 10 minute “pop-up” sessions.

  • A 45-minute breakout session - roughly 35 minutes of content and 10 minutes of audience Q&A.
  • A twenty five-minute-long mini-session - roughly 20 minutes of content, and 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • A ten-minute “pop-up” session covering quick tips and tricks.

Q: Can Outreach partners apply to speak?

A: We know our partners are leading some truly innovative work, but we strive to curate sessions that come from customers to share with other customers. We’re happy to consider applications that focus on technical topics but less inclined to consider case studies from partners or consultants.

Consultants and partners: Instead of submitting customer cases as session proposals for the customer track, encourage your customer to submit an application to speak about the joint solution.

If you are a partner and would like more information on partnership opportunities at Unleash, including sponsored speaking sessions, email [email protected].

Q: What are you looking for in the applications? How detailed should I be?

A: We’re so glad you asked! Here are our suggestions:

  • Be specific! Make it clear what your topic is, what attendees will learn, and why it’s valuable. A one-sentence description isn’t enough, but a 50-sentence abstract may mean your topic is too broad.
  • Show us you know your stuff! There are fields in the application that request background on you and your use case or expertise. Don't rush through or ignore these fields. Use them to demonstrate you're someone the Unleash audience can learn from.

Q: If my application is accepted, do I get free conference registration?

A: If your application is accepted, Outreach will cover registration for up to three speakers per accepted session. For example, if your session will feature four speakers, we will cover registration for three of you--the fourth speaker’s registration will not be covered.

In addition, all accepted speakers will have access to all VIP events throughout the conference.

Q: If my application is accepted, will my airfare and hotel be covered?

A: No. At this time, Outreach does not cover the cost of airfare or hotel for speakers.

Q: I want to attend Unleash even if I’m not accepted to speak--should I still register in advance while I wait to hear if I’m accepted to be a speaker?

A: Yes! We recommend that everyone register now to lock in our early bird pricing (by January 14, 2020), which is discounted by $300, and take advantage of special hotel rates.

If you’re one of our accepted speakers, and you’ve purchased a ticket, we will process a full refund once you’ve confirmed your session.

Q: When will we be notified if I’ve been accepted to speak?

A: We'll notify accepted speakers by early February.

Q: If I get accepted, can someone else from my company do the presentation?

A: No. We accept people, not companies, as speakers. We understand that availability frequently changes, but if the original applicant is no longer available to speak, Outreach reserves the right to rescind a speaking slot.

Q: I have more questions and I'd like to talk to someone live.

A: Feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we will respond with more info.

Outreach Unleash ‘20 is April 7-9

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