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Unleash '20 Has Even More Trainings and Celebrations!

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Audrey Weber

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This April, make sure you pack sunglasses, shorts, and sandals.

Is this for a tropical island vacation? Nope, it's for Unleash '20 in San Diego, the leading sales engagement conference! (But also make sure you pack a light jacket, because California.)

This year, our new location will be the waterfront Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, where we will have even more space for additional trainings and celebrations.

You won't just have a packed suitcase, you'll have a packed schedule, too. (Ha!)

What's new this year? So glad you asked.

An ENTIRE DAY of Outreach Training

Join us for a full day of training on Tuesday, April 7th, with the Full Conference Pass!

Outreach has a ton of features, and we're sure there are some golden nuggets tucked away in the platform that you haven't found yet.

Our staff of experts will hold interactive and hands-on workshops on Day 1 that will show you best practices, sequence improvement, and utilization of content and strategies, as well as how to avoid or troubleshoot common pitfalls.

All levels of Outreach admins are welcome. You can find the class that is right for you, or really dive deep and take them all.

The Business Value Workshop Returns

Back by popular demand! The Business Value Workshop was a favorite during the 2019 Unleash Summit Series, so much so that we're bringing it to Unleash as part of our full day of training.

This seminar-style workshop for Outreach-enabled business leaders and sales managers will help you to make sales decisions based on data, so your teams' workflows can become faster, easier, and more effective.

Workshops & Sessions for Everyone

This conference is for the whole sales engagement community, not just customers. Even if you're not an Outreach user (yet), we've got you covered.

Jacco Van der Kooji from Winning by Design is returning this year with not one but two (!!) workshops. He will focus on Sales as Science: How to Build Sustainable Growth and coaching people to work smarter.

An additional sixteen sessions hosted by new and returning industry leaders will focus on all aspects of sales and revenue throughout the conference.

Celebrate Passover Seder With Us

We sincerely value diversity and inclusion, and we are mindful that Unleash this year coincides with Passover, so we invite you to join the Outreach Family for a Seder on the first night of Passover, Wednesday April 8th, led by our very own Sydney Abrams.

This is intended to be a fun, celebratory, and educational experience for everyone. We hope you can join us!


"I'm excited to bring together members of the Unleash community to celebrate Passover! It'll be a fun evening of storytelling, eating Matzah, and celebrating our freedom. I encourage anyone, regardless of affiliation, to come and partake in the Seder!"

Sydney Abrams, Paid Acquisition Specialist

We're all excited to host a mind-blowing, sales-boosting conference for you very soon. To check out the agenda and speakers or buy tickets (do it now, we may sell out again!) go to the Unleash site.

See you in April! לְהִתְרָאוֹת!

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