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Unleash 19 Keynote Released to Public!

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Unleash 19 sold out faster than we could have ever expected! 

And while that’s a good problem to have, it left a lot of customers (current and future), partners, and friends wishing they had snagged a ticket before we ran out. Our bad. Guess we’ll have to make Unleash 20 even bigger!

We don’t want anyone feeling FOMU (Fear of Missing Unleash) so we decided to release our stellar keynote session to the public.

Outreach Leadership Lights Up Unleash

The Outreach Exec team—Manny Medina, Anna Baird, Max Altschuler, and Andrew Kinzer—took the stage and the response was electric.

Manny opened up with his take on why obsession is good. No, he hasn’t lost it. Being obsessed with the success of Outreach customers is crucial to our mission, our success, and our story, and will take us (and our customers) to the next level.

Outreach COO, Anna Baird, took the stage next and focused on the importance of community. Outreach has partnered with numerous sales-focused organizations designed to elevate the sales profession, including Sales Hacker, Modern Sales Pros, Women Sales Pros, #GirlsClub, and more!

Founder of Sales Hacker and Outreach VP of Marketing, Max Altschuler, took the stage to talk about the technological revolution that has changed sales. He believes the future of sales lies in modern sales technology, but we need to continue to adapt as our buyers and their habits change.

He also went through the results our massive study on buyer engagement. SPOILER ALERT: 1:1 video, direct mail, and chat are the future of sales communication. To support those new channels (and all the others you use day in and day out), we announced the Outreach Galaxy! 30+ integrations, all live, all native, all ready to use today! It’s the app marketplace for the modern sales professional.


Finally, co-founder and VP of Product, Andrew Kinzer, took a deep dive into the innovative offerings Outreach is releasing, including:

  • Global Task Queue & Agenda
  • Rep 360 Dashboard
  • New Add to Sequence
  • Compose Plug-ins
  • Urgent Task Alert
  • 3rd Party Activity
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Enhanced Team Performance Dashboards
  • Expanded Sequence Analytics
  • Guided A/B Testing
  • Data Pipeline
  • Team Meetings
  • Team Activity Sharing
  • Out of Office Reply Detection
  • Signature Extraction
  • And more!

This is just a taste of what was in our Unleash keynote. Watch the video above to get the full Unleash keynote experience and get ready for Unleash 20!

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