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Triggers Can Now Mark Specific Sequences As Finished

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Introduction Today, we’re excited to announce that we've made triggers more configurable for sales operations team members to run the air traffic control of what sequences can and can't be active for prospects in certain states. As the frontrunner in the sales communication industry, we originally built out triggers to allow team leads to automatically add specific prospects into sequences based on the right attributes. This could be for inbound demo requests, or marketing qualified leads being handed off to sales, or any number of other possibilities. Equally important as initiating communication, is having the ability to ensure that some sequences, if active, are marked complete for prospects once certain attributes change to meet certain values, including record changes that come in from Salesforce. As of today, we now offer a trigger action that allows team leads to ensure that if certain criteria is true of a prospect record's data, that specific sequences will be marked as completed. The Demo The first step to getting started, is determining what attributes on the prospect or the associated account would cause a prospect to not be allowed to be active in certain sequences. Then, we can determine which sequences should not be active for prospects with those attributes, by adding trigger actions that finish sequences of certain types. After configuring your actions, be sure to hit save, and enable the trigger. Additional Information We're building Outreach to be as flexible as your imagination for ensuring you can run your sales operations exactly as you need to, based on your understanding of how your business functions. This feature is live right now, and we strongly encourage you to think through some scenarios where you want to ensure some sequences shouldn't be active based on prospect attributes.