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The Top Sales Engagement Podcast Episodes in September 2019

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School was in session this September on The Sales Engagement Podcast - we had many experts take a sabbatical to come share their knowledge with our students listeners.

Our guests talked about work-life balance, growth, and more, including the following three episodes that were the most popular last month. Prepare to get schooled by our most recent guests on the podcast.

Here are the most listened-to Sales Engagement Podcast episodes in September:

The Top Sales Engagement Podcast Episodes in September 2019

1. Conversion Metrics: What Are They, and How Will They Help You Hire Better Reps?

Guest: David Duncan, VP of Sales at Epos Now


We talk a lot about sales and marketing metrics here at Outreach, but David Duncan, fellow data-obsessed VP of Sales, dives deeper into measuring sales representative success with "Conversion Metrics."

He breaks metrics down into three categories: Activity Metrics, Conversion Metrics, and Cost Metrics. You may think that Activity Metrics would show how individual and team productivity, but no, Conversion Metrics are the most important because they give you a clear and full overview of your entire funnel.

Listen to Episode 111 with David Duncan to learn more about using Conversion Metrics in your sales playbook.

2. The Power of Forecasting to Help Your Company Predict Success

Guest: Monica O’Kelly, Senior Director of Revenue Operations at TripleLift


If your horoscope told you that you will learn something new or have a break-through moment, it was talking about Monica O'Kelly's Sales Engagement Podcast episode.

What if you could predict the future of your sales and company success? If there's anything we've learned from the stock market, it's that predictability leads to upward growth, more revenue, and satisfaction. No, we're not trying to sell you crystal balls or tarot cards (though we're not not saying they would help, too).

Monica's revenue team at TripleLift developed a better way for forecasting that involved rebuilding everything in Salesforce. In the end, it gave sellers a lot more flexibility and helped them with their paths to their goals.

Their approach involved sellers reporting their predicted sales volumes for every quarter based on a three-tiered system called "commit-probable-upside."

This episode actually premiered at the end of August, but listeners just couldn't get throughout the month of September that it made the top list.

You can learn how to replicate this forecasting strategy at your company when you listen to Episode 110 with Monica O'Kelly.

3. Why You Need To Be A B2B Sales Facilitator And Not Just A Seller

Guest: Tom Pisello, Author of Evolved Selling and Chief Evangelist at Mediafly


In the new age of information - where everything is digital and quick-to-access - salespeople need to constantly adapt to provide buyers with new value so they don't become redundant.

Tom Pisello knows this better than anyone, he wrote the book on Evolved Selling. On the podcast, Tom fills us in on the B2B selling strategy he’s found to be most effective recently:

  • The “cold-as-ice” buyer
  • Being a sales facilitator
  • The C.L.O.S.E. approach

What does “cold-as-ice” mean? What does C.L.O.S.E. stand for? You'll have to listen to Episode 112 with Tom Pisello to find out.