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The Top Sales Engagement Podcast Episodes of the Decade

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Audrey Weber

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Since we started producing The Sales Engagement Podcast in 2017, we’ve released more than 100 new episodes that have garnered 100,000+ unique downloads. Since then, our library of knowledge has exploded to cover sales development, career growth, diversity, and even pirates.

We have so many favorites that it was hard for us go pick just a top few, so we looked at the numbers and rounded up the most listened-to episodes of the decade.

These were the most helpful, informative, and inspiring Sales Engagement podcast episodes of the 2010’s.

Episode 91: How to Become a Salesperson Who Reaches President’s Club Multiple Times

Tom Castley, VP of Account Management at Apptio

Tom Castley Cover

What does it take to become part of the top 1% of sellers? Tom Castley attributes it to four Ts: Time, Territory, Target, and Talent. In these key areas, he is constantly developing his skills, working on better habits, and challenging himself. All sellers aspiring to achieve President’s Club-level success will learn a lot from Tom in the episode.

Episode 39: The Right Way to Leave a Sales Voicemail

Lauren Bailey, President of Factor8 and Founder of The Sales Bar

Lauren Bailey Cover

As the President of Factor8 and Founder of the new e-learning platform, The Sales Bar, Lauren is an expert at teaching the art of sales. In this episode, she shares the most common sales voicemail mistakes and how to leave a memorable sales voicemail instead. Most importantly, she guides you through what to do next when you do get a callback. With the majority of deals still involving a good old phone call, you can’t miss this episode.

Episode 104: The Data-Driven Sales Series: Visual Prospecting

Kyle Williams and Ben Salzman, Dogpatch Advisors

Ben Salzman Cover

If you’ve ever thought about using visuals in your sales prospecting, this episode is for you. Kyle and Ben talk about why visual prospecting is better (hint: people process visuals 60,000 times quicker than words), as well as what images are most effective to help get you started.

Episode 90: Tactics Account Executives Can Implement to Achieve Success in the Day to Day

Rebecca Feiten, Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Outreach

Rebecca Feiten Cover

Rebecca is one of Outreach’s top performing account executives, and she has mastered the skills of building a better follow-up, executive presence through account planning, and a coalition of internal advocates. Her processes are the foundation of her daily success, and she shares her blueprints in this episode.

Episode 54: Cold Calling Secrets You Haven’t Heard Before

Josh Braun, Founder at SalesDNA

Josh Braun Cover

Josh Braun wants to help you become a cold calling “Red X.” What a Red X, you wonder? In a sea of “white circles,” a Red X stands out in a good way. In this episode, Josh shares his 5-step formula for starting a cold call, plus more advice for how to gain confidence and how to know when to move on. We can’t get enough, and neither can our listeners.

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