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The Unleash Wrap-Up: Customer Success Managers

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Kristin McLerran

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Two years, 143 feature releases, 2,000 customers, and 16,000 active users later, we finally did it: we held our inaugural customer conference, Unleash! There were so many ideas to be shared, product features to announce, and wine to be had. We were lucky to have more than 250 guests attend the conference in Sonoma, as well as bring many of our employees to represent Outreach in full-force. Because Unleash is a customer conference, one of the key groups of Outreachers in attendance were the Customer Success Managers. The CSMs drive our customers' long term success and adoption of Outreach, and build and maintain relationships to help our customers flourish. Three of our CSMs, Shelbi Luchini, Elizabeth Clark, and Nick Hart weighed in on their favorite moments from our unforgettable first conference!

Shelbi Luchini, Customer Success Manager: "Re-think, Unleash, break out of that box. I loved Erik Wahl's keynote--performance, rather--that encouraged everyone in the room to push our minds beyond existing barriers in order to uncover new truths. Oftentimes we are held back by fear or are chained to that same old process that we think works really well. Wahl’s performance reminded me to take a step back and focus on what truly matters. It helped me remember that it's okay to do something different than the norm.

Unleash was filled with brilliant Sales Leaders who came to the conference to formulate new perspectives on the ever-changing world of sales. Erik Wahl helped us all formulate that new perspective by reminding us that sales is about innovation, relationships, and doing something different than what we thought was right, just because it was comfortable. Erik Wahl said it spot on: ‘Unleash your mind's potential to find new truths.’ I can't wait to bring this into the conversations I have with my customers. I want to help them let go of their fear and become more innovative throughout their own sales process."

Elizabeth Clark, Enterprise Manager -- Customer Success: "I have been working with some of my customers for over a year now. We've created tight relationships that are facilitated mostly with video conferences, which means I've become accustomed to seeing them only as floating heads! Unleash was an incredible opportunity to finally meet them in person. There is a certain energy that can only be communicated face-to-face. At the beginning of each day, we would welcome the Unleash guests with a high-energy high-five tunnel. This was so powerful, because it was our chance to cheer on the customers who have been our partners and and believed in us for so long, and to finally show our customers how we feel about them every single day! I hope they now understand that there is no question: we are one with our customers!"

Nick Hart, Customer Success Manager: "For me, Unleash was about two things: connecting our customers with other customers, and helping them think of new ways to leverage Outreach. There were two moments that were my personal highlights because I got to see this happening first-hand. The first moment occurred immediately after Outreach's VP of Sales, Mark Kosoglow, gave his presentation on How Outreach uses Outreach. One of my customers, who sat front row and vigorously took notes the entire presentation, came up to me after and asked, 'How do we become as successful as your team at using Outreach?' My response was simple: 'That's what I'm here for.'

The second moment occurred after one of our product sessions. Another one of my customers had mentioned before the conference that their AE team was struggling to see the full value of Outreach. I told him, 'Just come to the product announcement session, I promise you won't be disappointed.' Sure enough, when I sat next to him the entire presentation, I noticed that he took pictures of every slide presented. After the presentation, I asked for his opinion, to which he responded: 'This is exactly what our AEs are looking for.'"