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The Top Sales Engagement Podcast Episodes In July 2019

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Are you listening to The Sales Engagement Podcast? Our recent guest speakers had us like:

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July was a great month for The Sales Engagement Podcast, and we're going strong with a solid 4.7 star rating on Apple Podcasts. While we have not had Will Smith as a guest (yet), we did have super sales leaders and industry experts come on to talk about retention, grit, failure, more failure, and more.

"By far my favorite podcast. As a new seller, I enjoy listening to the knowledge and experience that’s being shared so that I can implement that into not only my sales career, but also my life. Thank you!"
- .StefT, 07/06/2019

Read on for the most listened-to episodes in July.

1. Why Building Personal Relationships is So Critical in Sales

Luke Lightning, CRO for


Luke Lightning, who has a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and is now the CRO at, came on The Sales Engagement Podcast mid-July to share some of the most valuable lessons he’s learned through his experiences.

His episode covers the importance of diversity and inclusion, how to interview for remote work, why alignment should extend beyond sales and marketing, and why you should focus on building relationships.

Our four top takeaways:

  1. Scientists are Salespeople
  2. Anything is Possible for Anybody
  3. Align Sales and Marketing
  4. Remember the Art of Sales

Also, you can technically call him "Dr. Lightning," which makes Luke sound like a Spider-Man villain. This may or may not be the reason why his episode was the most popular last month.

2. Women in Revenue: Top Tips for Job Seekers From Two Badass Women in Tech

Kim Graves and Maggie Hott, Managers of Mid-Market Sales at Slack


Are you looking for a new job in tech sales, or just feeling like you need some guidance?

Last month we had not one but TWO Mid-Market Sales Managers from Slack on the podcast. Combined, they have more than 16 years of professional experience in tech and sales, and they joined us to impart some of their wisdom.

In addition to lessons learned from past experiences (both positive and negative), Kim and Maggie offered a few tips for finding a career you love:

  • Find the company, not the role
  • Take ownership
  • Be patient
  • Don’t forget to grateful
  • Become a pro before you ask for more

Listen to the episode for the details and more valuable career advice!

3. How a Career in Sales Can Set You Up to Become a Successful Founder

Kris Hartvigsen, Founder and CEO of Dooly


Almost everyone has a great new idea for a business (or a few). The only difference between founders and the rest of us is the pursuit of that dream.

Kris Hartvigsen believes that sales develops soft skills and intuition that will help you succeed as a founder. He shared his advice for future founders on the podcast, and more than six hundred people listened last month.

His biggest takeaway?

"If you have an idea, don’t hold back. Go for it."

So if you're thinking of learning about what it takes to be a successful salesperson and founder, don't hold back, listen to the episode!

Do you have a favorite episode? Or more great sales engagement podcasts that you listen to? Share them in the comments!

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